Thursday, 11 December 2008

BNP Councillors organise tree planting

Members of the BNP turned out on Wednesday to plant trees in the parish of Leicester Forest East (LFE).

Under a County Council initiative, which is aimed at replacing lost trees in rural areas of the county, ten trees (Alder and Maple) were provided to LFE parish council but no councillors were available to plant them.

Since the early 1980s, the county of Leicestershire has lost over 50% of its single landscape trees from rural areas. This is largely due to the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease and other disorders, such as Ash Decline, in the 1980s. More recently disorders such as Chestnut Bleeding Canker and Oak Decline are adding to this loss.

A Labour parish councillor had agreed to collect and plant the trees but had to drop out at the last minute. In desperation at the lack of help from other parish councillors the parish clerk was planning to use council taxpayer’s money to hire a team to plant the trees.

Councillor Paul Preston with one
of the newly planted trees.

Luckily BNP parish councillor Paul Preston was informed first and he said that Party members would do the task for no charge. Six members and supporters of the BNP collected the trees from County Hall and planted them.

Councillor Paul Preston says:

"Members and supporters of the BNP turned out today to plant trees in the Parish of Leicester Forest East. Under a County Council initiative 4 members and 2 supporters of the party were willing and able to help, after no other Councillors were available for this job. It was left to the BNP members of L.F.E Parish Council to organise the collection and planting of the trees.
Here is a list of the brave souls who turned out:

Councillor Paul Preston, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Martin Brown, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Peter Jarvis, BNP Kirby Muxloe Parish
David, BNP supporter Braunstone
Gerry Faulkner, supporter L.F.E
Arlene Preston, supporter L.F.E

I would like to thank Craig at Braunstone Crossroads Motors for the free use of their vehicle and driver."

Well done to all. Here we see a resident-friendly initiative carried through by BNP Councillors alone. They got on with it, did the job, and saved local tax-payers money. This is what happens when BNP Councillors are elected.

We hear that Cllr. Paul Preston also donated and served teas at a local Craft Fair on 29th November in order to raise funds for the air ambulance. The vent raised £75.00, of which £25.00 was catering. Paul, like other hard-working BNP Councillors is to be commended, and it is a salutary lesson to others that council work involves actually getting out there doing community work, not simply talking about it.


The Green Arrow said...

Well done to all those involved.

Might shame those Lib/Lab/con councillors into doing something.

At the end of the day though, it is only the BNP that really does get things done.

Keats said...

Indeed, GA.
Also, our Councillors have the best attendance records, contrary to what a certain Tory candidate for the Ibstock by-election has been alleging in his recent leaflet.

Anonymous said...

Well done, getting things done without costing council tax payers a bean.
everyone pulling together thats the BNP way!

Wayne McDermott said...

I was supposed to go along and help but in the end couldnt many thanks to Cllr Preston not on behalf of the party showing people we are the real deal but on behalf of the community as if these members & supporters had not done this little task the parish would of had to pay for the planting of the trees. Nice one Paul its the little things that really do matter

Anonymous said...

From small acorns mighty oak trees grow.

John Ryde