Sunday, 21 December 2008

You couldn't make it up!

A piece on Ashfield BNP's blogsite caught our correspondent's eye:

"My wife and I visited a local RSPCA centre on Tuesday in the hope of adopting a dog as a companion for our Border Collie. After choosing a dog we went to the reception to ask how we could go about adopting her.
We were asked a few questions then told that unfortunately we were unsuitable to adopt the dog, on asking why we were told that as we have two young children it would be unfair on the dog who is very nervous, my wife pointed out that we had walked the dog in the paddock and she had seemed very happy playing and running around with the children. The RSPCA lady replied “yes that may be true but she has come from a Polish family and doesn’t understand any English…”
To say I was lost for words doesn’t come close - You couldn’t make it up!"

Well, the RSPCA should obviously employ interpreters for this kind of problem, though perhaps giving the animals English lessons might work out cheaper.

It does make you wonder though why these poor dogs (and other pets, of course) find themselves looking for a new, kind home; have they been dumped, or ill-treated? Yes, often, and it beggars belief as to how this can happen; and while most people love and cherish their pets, some time into 2009 we shall once again hear how many are left at animal rescue centres -Christmas presents that are no longer wanted.

I heard some reasons people gave for returning their unwanted pets on TV this week; two of them were:
"It's face looks like David Bowie"
"It doesn't match the sofa"
Hilarious, aren't they? But also, shallow, selfish and very silly - rather like the person at the RSPCA who denied that dog a good home because her politally correct mind had run amok.

Ibstock and Heather by-election, 18th December

Ivan Hammonds, our candidate in the Ibstock and Heather by-election on 18th December, very narrowly missed winning the seat. Last January, the result of that by-election in Ibstock shocked the establishment when Mr. Hammonds lost by 62 votes, placing the BNP 2nd. This time, he held his position but by a mere 15 votes. We congratulate him for that achievement and look forward to even more progress in this Ward in the future.

The real losers were the Lib Dems, as can be seen from this comparison of votes from this year's 2 elections in Ibstock:

January, 2008
Lab: 699
BNP: 637
Con: 515
Lib Dem: 441

December, 2008

We also wish to congratulate Cllr Wayne Mcdermott for organising and running a superb campaign, as well as his dedicated team and all the activists who came from near and far to help attain this result.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Friday, 12 December 2008

Anti incinerator campaign and new fundraising CD

Many people in Leicestershire will be aware of the campaign in North West Leicestershire against having an incinerator for excess waste built in their area. Residents definitely do not want this health-hazard, which will impact on communities within North West Leicestershire district and those in the north of Hinckley and Bosworth district such as Stanton under Bardon, Thornton, Bagworth and others nearby.

Why should I be concerned about the health impacts of this project?

Waste incinerators are large sources of fine particulate matter. Fine particulate matter is particulate matter that is 2.5 microns in diameter and less. It is also known as PM2.5 or respirable particles because it penetrates the respiratory system further than larger particles. These particles pass through the nose and throat and become lodged in the lungs, aggravating respiratory conditions.

Scientific studies have found that exposure to PM 2.5 can cause illness and can aggravate breathing problems like asthma and emphysema. The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that people with existing heart or lung disease, asthma, or other respiratory problems, children, and elderly people are at the greatest risk.

Particulate matter also contributes to haze, which restricts visibility and contributes to the formation of ozone, acid rain, and global climate change. Ground-level ozone irritates lungs and can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing and coughing. According to the American Lung Association, long-term exposure to high levels of ozone can lead to reduced lung function, inflammation of the lung lining, and increased respiratory problems.

A report on the health impact of the MWIA-Waste Incinerator at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium found the following:

'Very striking is the high amount of young children with cancer in group 6 (Leukaemia and gland cancer).'

'A lot of young people (mainly women) who used to live in the neighbourhood of the waste incinerator, have problems with fertility, problems with pregnancy; and problems with birth.'

'after 13 years the occurrence of cancer is twice as high as anywhere else, and this is increasing to 5 times higher than anywhere else after the waste incinerator has been active for 20 years.'

'From the beginning of the waste incineration process people in the neighbourhood were found to have problems with breathing, eczema and allergies'

'Many years after their birth a lot of children in the area were found to have problems. These included: hyperactivity; disturbances of behaviour; growth retardation; disturbances of brain development; heart defects; learning problems; concentration disturbances; allergies; asthma; various sorts of mutations (autism, dwarf growth etc) mental defectiveness; motorical disturbances etc.'

'Lots of people in the immediate surroundings of the incinerator complain about chronical fatigue, insomnia, hyper ventilation, breathing problems, stress, stomach complaints, allergies and hormonal complaints.'

With prices of recyclable waste plummeting as the recession bites, if this is allowed to be built the Council will be tempted to burn even more waste than originally planned as it will not be worth selling on.

As usual, our BNP Councillors are in the forefront of this campaign and have done major work to bring it to the attention of the public.Two excellent articles, one on the dangers of incinerators and the other giving details of a protest at County Hall in September, may be found on Their Blogspot

Now BNP's NWL Branch have moved up a gear; they have got a local band to write a song and this has been played on Radio Leicester, getting a whole morning's coverage.
Councillor Wayne McDermott of Ellistown told us:

"Now I am asking for your help; we have a CD to sell which only costs £2 per copy with any profit helping the campaign. It’s a heavy metal band perhaps not everybody’s favourite but it’s the message we are selling"

This is a splendid idea and we join Cllr. McDermott in asking you to buy this CD. The important point is that it will help the residents in their battle against the incinerator. And what a great little stocking-filler for heavy metal enthusiasts, a real collector's item!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

BNP Councillors organise tree planting

Members of the BNP turned out on Wednesday to plant trees in the parish of Leicester Forest East (LFE).

Under a County Council initiative, which is aimed at replacing lost trees in rural areas of the county, ten trees (Alder and Maple) were provided to LFE parish council but no councillors were available to plant them.

Since the early 1980s, the county of Leicestershire has lost over 50% of its single landscape trees from rural areas. This is largely due to the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease and other disorders, such as Ash Decline, in the 1980s. More recently disorders such as Chestnut Bleeding Canker and Oak Decline are adding to this loss.

A Labour parish councillor had agreed to collect and plant the trees but had to drop out at the last minute. In desperation at the lack of help from other parish councillors the parish clerk was planning to use council taxpayer’s money to hire a team to plant the trees.

Councillor Paul Preston with one
of the newly planted trees.

Luckily BNP parish councillor Paul Preston was informed first and he said that Party members would do the task for no charge. Six members and supporters of the BNP collected the trees from County Hall and planted them.

Councillor Paul Preston says:

"Members and supporters of the BNP turned out today to plant trees in the Parish of Leicester Forest East. Under a County Council initiative 4 members and 2 supporters of the party were willing and able to help, after no other Councillors were available for this job. It was left to the BNP members of L.F.E Parish Council to organise the collection and planting of the trees.
Here is a list of the brave souls who turned out:

Councillor Paul Preston, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Martin Brown, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Peter Jarvis, BNP Kirby Muxloe Parish
David, BNP supporter Braunstone
Gerry Faulkner, supporter L.F.E
Arlene Preston, supporter L.F.E

I would like to thank Craig at Braunstone Crossroads Motors for the free use of their vehicle and driver."

Well done to all. Here we see a resident-friendly initiative carried through by BNP Councillors alone. They got on with it, did the job, and saved local tax-payers money. This is what happens when BNP Councillors are elected.

We hear that Cllr. Paul Preston also donated and served teas at a local Craft Fair on 29th November in order to raise funds for the air ambulance. The vent raised £75.00, of which £25.00 was catering. Paul, like other hard-working BNP Councillors is to be commended, and it is a salutary lesson to others that council work involves actually getting out there doing community work, not simply talking about it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Leicestershire meeting, 6th December

Minutes of BNP branch meeting, December 2008

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Mike Robinson. Approximately 50 people attended.
The Minutes of our last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's and press report: Geoff Dickens

The leaked list: Geoff asked the room who had had abusive phone calls; about 8 people had, and Geoff told them to report them to the police, and any that call you 'white boy' to report them as a race crime. The East Midlands lost one member who had been with us for 4 months because of the leak, and 5 people who's membership had lapsed and have had abusive calls say they will re-join. Also someone who worked for Asda was sacked for being a BNP member and Asda was taken to court and had to pay him a large sum.

We won Boston by getting more votes than Lib Lab Con and UKIP put together. In Markfield we leafletted only and got 14% of the vote, where we were only getting 6%. Now we average 20%. Then Geoff explained how the voting for the EU elections works, and suggested that we might get a seat with only 13 to 20% of the vote.

We have a new group in Bolsover, with 60 people attending last week's meeting, and a man who's been a Labour town councillor for 14 years has joined the BNP.

Cllr. Peter Jarvis had a fund raiser when it was his birthday, and raised over £950 for us which will be divided between the 4 Leicestershire Groups.

Leicester Branch was Best Fundraiser for the 3rd year out of the last 6.
John Ryde was named Best Activist of the Year.

15 minute interval

Guest speaker

Jonathan Bowden spoke to us about the political and monetry situation in this country and across the world. He said that this 'crash' is similar to the one in 1929/30, although then there was 25% unemployment, with no social welfare! The crisis that is ongoing now, he said, will be very bad, and the reason for it happening is that the monetry system has been based on extreme gambling, where it ceases to be about things, and is about concepts. The average salary in Lehman's was £320,000 per annum, and one day the boss came in and told them they were all out, no pension, no more money, and they had an hour to get out. We have tied ourselves to the US, originally because of the war debt, and also because of the war; Atlee passed the Nationality Act, and said that the races of the world needed to be mixed together so that there would be no more war.

England is now 15% non-white, and 2 million white people have left London; and, out of interest, when Enoch Powell made his most quoted speech, he received 2 million letters, only 9 of which were against, and only one was abusive. The Kennedys reversed the non white immigration policy, and now America is only two thirds white.

Jonathan wondered what the sudden jolt of this economic chaos will do to us, and asked us all to leaflet, stand, raise money, attend events and do what you can for the people of this part of England.

In questions he was asked:
"Are you going to stand in the EU elections?" - "Yes"; and, "What's your second language?" to which he replied: "Latin." He added that the polls say that 56% of us want us to come out of the EU, and where that position was unacceptable, it's now the majority thought.


Collection with teas raised £231.57 and 1 US dollar (which we exchanged for 63p) and 10 Kenyan shillings.
Raffle raised £48.60.
The date of the next meeting is 21st February.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Congratulations, Peter!

Congratulations to PETER JARVIS, who this week has gained a place on Kirby Muxloe Parish Council, in Blaby District. This position is well deserved, as Peter is a hard worker and will dedicate all his efforts towards the interests of Kirby residents.

Peter becomes the 5th BNP councillor in our area,the others being: John Ryde, Newbold Verdon (Hinckley & Bosworth); Paul Preston and Martin Brown, Leicester Forest East (Blaby); Bob Walton, Glenfield (Blaby).

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Peter's birthday party a great success

All four Leicestershire Groups and Branches came together on Saturday, 29th November, to celebrate Peter's birthday, which he turned into a superb fundraising event for next year's County elections with £950 being raised from donations. This will be split between the four Groups.

Many thanks to all those involved in the catering department, raffle, quiz and horse-racing, and of course to the birthday boy himself for organising the evening. Thanks also go to Joey Smith who entertained us with his live music. To those who provided security, we say: "Well done!".
And above all, thank you to those who sold, and bought, the tickets.

A good time was had by all; similar events will be held in the near future and we wish them the same success as that enjoyed at Saturday's party.

(By the way Peter; where was my slice of birthday cake?! -Ed.)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Is this the end for Vulcan XH558?

After thrilling people at air-shows during the Summer, the iconic Avro Vulcan bomber XH558 has returned to her hangar at Bruntingthorpe proving ground, where she was lovingly restored by a dedicated team. Sadly, she is grounded, due to lack
of funds to progress the Vulcan to the Sky project.

Many people have made donations to the project over the last decade because they appreciate the quality of this 'plane; if you've been lucky enough to see (or hear!) the Vulcan in flight, you'll realise what a splendid example of British engineering she is; and, besides this, she is the last airworthy example of her kind. We thrill with pride on seeing the last classic warplanes from WW2 flying, and the Vulcan deserves her place with them as part of our aviation history.

2006 saw a wonderful response to the plea for funding, which saw the Vulcan airborne this year. But this will always be an expensive project and we hope that Vulcan to the Sky's 2008/2009 campaign to raise a further £1,000,000 is successful. Click here to make a donation

There is a lot of information on Vulcan XH558 and the history of Vulcan bombers