Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tesco to axe 65 Depot jobs in Hinckley

65 workers at Tesco are to lose their jobs in the next couple of weeks as redundancies have been announced. Nothing new in this current climate we face, even though Tesco are now looking at the Christmas rush and profits continue to be huge.

What is shocking is that Tesco are setting on extra agency staff at the same time. Disgruntled workers are angry that these agency workers are from the EU and most of them cannot even speak English. Yet again Big Business puts profits first; we in the BNP would get us out of Europe and stop this unhealthy import of EU workers who are able to work for much less money. Only by getting us out of the EU can we then take control of our borders again and put British Workers First.

Following an article in the Hinckley Times concerning the redundances, but not giving the whole story, a letter was published in that paper from someone who evidently has now borne the brunt of Tesco's tactics. Here is a transcript of that letter:

"I read the article about Tesco (HT October 16th) and it has compelled me to write confirming that 65 people who will be redundant by November 7th are to be replaced by agency workers whose training will commence on October 20th.
The problem with this is, agency workers in the past have been given Tesco contracts and we think that the company is using this redundancy to push us out and install more workers from the EU.
The pick rates are set up by people on the computers, so why on earth should the British workers be discriminated against and have more than one item on their pallets, and the agency workers, most of whom cannot read or even speak English, have only one item so they do not get it wrong, and look like they are working harder!"

- A Very Disgruntled British Tesco Worker

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