Thursday, 20 November 2008

Simon Darby's view on the week's events

At this stage, late on Wednesday evening it has become very obvious that what we have witnessed over the last 24 hours has been a determined, co-ordinated and underhanded political attack on the British National Party by elements closely aligned to the Labour Party and the Trades Union movement.

Hundreds upon hundreds of our members have received abusive and threatening calls from a trades union call centre. Probably the same call centre that has been utilised in the past to canvass and selectively poison the electorate against the BNP in various target wards.

Several complaints of harassment have now been submitted to individual police forces across the country as the extent of this disgraceful operation is made clear. Members are advised to issue "no comment" statements to journalists and warn them of possible representations to the Press Complaints Commission. Threatening and abusive calls should instantly be reported to the police, recorded if possible and a demand should be made that the calls be traced.

Without a shadow of a doubt this collective attack on each and every one of us has brought our organisation closer together. Several journalists expressed this feeling to me late last night and first thing this morning. Further conversations have indicated that their is a common consensus that this shocking act has a high probability of backfiring in a spectacular style. As such nobody should panic, everyone should keep their heads and remember that united strength is stronger.

Remember this isn't just an attack on the ranks of the British National Party, this is an attempt to bully and oppress the whole population. It is a cynically calculated move to plant the idea in people's minds that if you object to Labour and consequently agree with the BNP, you lose the right to earn a living and feed your family. Think on that ladies and gentlemen, because that is the core of what has been said and done.

I emphasised in my addresses in Blackpool over the weekend just how close we are to moving up to another level. Well this just goes to illustrate my point exactly. If a cheap stunt like this is all they have in their locker, then every single one of us should take heart from the fact that in essence we are witnessing before our very eyes the death of the Labour regime and the vicious stranglehold it has on our freedoms.

We've been here before haven't we, these events, just like tacky Christmas commercials, come round with a predictable monotony. Yet another attempted "BNP Buster", like so many before, but this time there is a difference, a distinct sense of unease amongst the British population about what is playing played out here. You can almost smell that discomfort and contempt for a society that allows the naming and shaming of innocent members of a perfectly legitimate political party yet sanctions the cloaking of the identities of monsters who torture young children to death.

I was asked today how I felt about the effect the publication of our membership details would have on the BNP. The answer I returned was not quite the expected response. "In my opinion this is a pivotal moment in the evolution of the British National Party" I replied, "This will be the exact time when through their frustration, vindictiveness and hatred our opponents gifted us the mantle of a mainstream opposition organisation overnight." In the scheme of things this appalling error of judgement and complete lack of understanding of the British psyche is about as close as you can get to the political equivalent of the process of natural selection. It goes without saying that as a consequence I, and indeed the rest of you should sleep very well tonight.

- Simon Darby, Deputy Chairman, British National Party

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