Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Advice on threatening phone calls

A number of BNP members have received threatening and malicious phone calls following the leak of the Membership List. Anybody who receives such calls are please asked to report it to their nearest BNP Branch Organiser so that a list can be made of all such harassment. Once the culprits for the blog are identified — and steps are underway to track that person or persons down — then they can be criminally prosecuted under the intimidation laws as well, providing we have the evidence to hand. Below is an extract from our main site:

BNP leader Nick Griffin said that he was working closely with the police who are taking the matter very seriously. “Anyone still receiving threatening phone calls from one of the pro-Labour trade union office phone banks who are behind a huge phone campaign should report it to the police and ask for a trace to be put on the line. Even Caller ID calls are instantly traceable by the police in such circumstances,” he said.

“We also need to hear of any problems that anyone does encounter so we can add them in to the list of consequences to be considered when the High Court is assessing the damages suffered as a consequence of the actions of the people responsible for this latest outrage,”

Therefore if you do encounter any problems please follow the above advice and also inform us in writing via email or to the postal address above so a record can be kept.

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