Monday, 6 October 2008

Leicestershire Branch meeting; September

Minutes of BNP Branch Meeting.

The meeting was opened and chaired by John Ryde. Approx 48 people attended.
Minutes of last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's report: Geoff Dickens

We are the wealthiest and largest region in the country. Leicester alone has 3 leafletting teams going out regularly. There are 20 thousand pounds in the Peacock club. In Melton we polled 32 and a half percent, up 4%. In Charnwood we are contesting a by election and aiming for at least 10%; the same in Markfield and Barwell.
At the Louth meeting they shipped in police from Boston because the Reds said they were coming, but didn't. For the Derby meeting they were told by the police that the UAF were coming to the redirection point. Some did come and the police did their job very well.

Press and elections report: John Ryde

We're getting more coverage nationally. There's a by-election in Markfield because a councillor resigned - he'd only attended four out of the 28 meetings and claimed £3000 in expenses. In Barwell the Liberal candidate also has a poor attendance record so may resign.

First Speaker

David Hannam, the Deputy Treasurer of the BNP, told us first that our Party has submitted our accounts to the Electoral Commission on time and has been given a clean bill of health, but with some recommendations. The Commission wondered how we come to have so many small donations when other parties have fewer larger ones, and were shown the thousands of people who donate small amounts. He went on to tell us how the recession is going to affect our freedoms. He said that the freedom to choose is freedom, and we needed to have enough money to have the freedom to choose. In a declining society the worker is hit, and in a prosperous society the worker is also hit because as monopolies are created there is less demand for workers, and so we will be losing our jobs and prices will be higher. People won't have the money to choose to take their family out, or to choose to buy things, so will feel that they have lost their freedom. Then they will try to express their freedom of choice politically. When we come to a BNP meeting we are stating our freedom to choose politically.
The time for the BNP is here, he said, and asked us to support our branch till it hurt, by giving money and leafleting. The Electoral Commission have said that it's time for the BNP to grow; we've got one chance and it's now. Please help.

15 minute interval

The chair, John Ryde told us about the previous Saturday when many members went to Stoke on Trent to leaflet about the Keith Brown murder, and put out 50,000 leaflets in 3 hours. The next Saturday we would be leafleting in Heanor and villages around the Red White and Blue site, and he asked for help with that.

Second speaker
Councillor Mark Burke, The deputy South East regional Organiser told us that in the South East region, stretching from Warwick down to Southampton, the more affluent people at his parish meetings don't see any need for political change, so long as nothing nasty is built in their back yard, although he said that they needed to learn from us as we are good at gaining new members. Although, Mark said we may not be pleased with the press, because of their treatment of us, don't put them off. We need them on our side. Befriend any that you can.

Raffle drawn, took £69.00.
Collection including teas, £316.78.
The meeting closed at 4.40 with Jerusalem.

The next meeting was announced as 6th December.

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