Friday, 31 October 2008

Leafletting progress in Markfield

Leicestershire BNP are to contest a by-election on Thursday, November 13th; the ward is Markfield, Stanton and Field Head for Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Our teams of activists have been working hard in the area; to date, 3 sets of leaflets have been delivered to all households.

Our presence in the village has been very well received, with residents coming out to greet us, shake hands, and/or make enquiries about joining the BNP. One local couple thanked our members for: "turning up in our area at last!"

Well, we are here and we wish to thank the residents of this pretty and friendly village for their welcome towards us over the last few weeks. By voting in a BNP councillor, they can add their voices to the rapidly growing numbers of people around the country who are dissatisfied with the LibLabCon Party’s mismanagement.

The BNP candidate in this by-election is COLIN GILMORE. Colin is married, with 2 children and was born and bred in Leicester. He now lives locally, in Ratby. His interests are conservation and supporting and sponsoring local sport. An ex-Conservative, Colin joined the BNP when he found that neither the Tories, nor the other 2 main parties represented the man and woman in the street.

He believes that it is the British National Party, and only the British National Party, who have the policies and the will to regenerate Britain for further generations.

Together with BNP councillors in North West Leicestershire, Colin vows to fight to stop the building of the toxic incinerator in the local area.

Colin is a Financial Consultant, so is well placed to keep council spending under scrutiny, thus ensuring that residents’ hard-earned taxes are not wasted, and local issues are vigorously pursued.

We all send Colin our very best wishes for a great result. Good luck, Colin!

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