Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Labour hitting people when they're down - District heating up 76% next week

With all the effects of the credit crunch hitting us all the Labour party in Leicester has decided to turn the screw further on residents in St. Matthews, St. Peters, St. Andrews and New Parks. Council Tenants in the Aikman Avenue flats in New Parks, where the BNP candidate Melanie Hemmings narrowly missed out on winning a seat in 2007 are up in arms.

We have been contacted today by several tenants to tell us of their anger after receiving a letter from the Labour run city council increasing their district heating bill from £12.33 per week to a staggering £21.72 per week - YES, an increase of 76%! An extra £488.28 per year for something you cant even reduce as district heating is a set cost no matter how much you use it.

Many tenants in New Parks are unemployed and amongst the most deprived in Leicester, so this will come as a further body blow to them all. This payment is simply for the heating and hot water, the residents also have to pay water rates on top of this.

These changes will hit council tenants on the 10th November

"Merry Christmas, lots of love from the Labour Party"...as one resident put it; but the knowledge that Leicester City Council are happy to spend £58,000 on out-of-hours Muslim burials may dent even this gentleman's wry sense of humour. Which staggering amount (pandering to religious choice) eclipses the £7,000 it cost to send a party of council officials, headed by Ross Wilmott, on a jolly to Nicaragua and Guatamala, but at least the Leicester residents hit by an over the top increase in their fuel bills a few short weeks before Christmas can see where the Council's priorities lie. And it's not with the most deprived in the city.

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