Monday, 22 September 2008

Keith Vaz - more dirty doings

Back in July, we reported on the Keith Vaz/peerages question and here we are again, only two months later, being faced with yet another scandal concerning the Leicester East MP.

This time Vaz has infuriated a judge by intervening in a court case involving a dubious solicitor friend, Shahrokh Mireskandari, who was about to lose an expensive legal battle until Vaz stepped in. Lo and behold, Mireskandari is the person handling the claims made by Ali Disaei and others of racism in the Met. Police Force. There are doubts that Mireskandari is even a bone-fide solictor, and is anyway a convicted fraudster. Anyone reading about this shady person, and the multiple race claims would be forgiven for thinking: "Scam!". The truth will eventually out on that affair, but in the meantime Vaz has been well and truly caught in some very shady dabbling. Once again, we ask (a bit louder this time) that Keith Vaz resign and allow the people of Leicester East to elect someone who's actions smell sweeter than the stuff that the neighbourhood mongrel no doubt deposits outside the present incumbent's front gate.

So,let's recapture some memories of Keith Vaz's career:

1989: Vaz led a protest by 3,000 muslim demonstrators, calling for Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses to be withdrawn while defending the rights of minorities to have their say.

Once an Arch-Eurosceptic, he denounced those in his Party critical of the European Union.

An outspoken advocate of 'black sections' within the Labour party - but after winning Leicester East, a seat with some 16,000 non-white voters at the time, he turned against black sections on entering Parliament.

2000: He was embroiled in the Hinduja brothers affair over his role in their passport applications. He failed to co-operate fully with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Elizabeth Filkin. There were 28 allegations, only one of which he was censured for: that of accepting £4,500 from solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla -who he recommended for a knighthood some years later!

Another allegation from the Filkin enquiry concerned his ownership of 5 properties, only 3 of which he declared. Coincidently, he transferred ownership of one of those properties to his mother only 8 days after Filkin had requested details!

2001: Vaz was embroiled in the Nadhi Auchi scandal when he helped the Iraqi-born billionaire to avoid extradition. Vaz had been a Director of the British arm of Auchi's corporation, yet denied any official meetings with the businessman. Even so, he was spotted in Auchi's Bentley outside the latter's London home.

July, 2008: Rumours were rife that Vaz had been offered a peerage or honour as a reward for backing the measure to hold terror suspects for 42 days. He had previously been opposed to the plans but later gave it his full backing. Vaz did not outright deny the possibility that such would be his reward (Geoff Hoon certainly thought he merited one, as his private letter to Vaz showed).

The Guardian called Keith Vaz: "double-jointed; the most ambitious and flexible of politicians". Rather an understatement; we believe that Leicester East deserves better than this. Keith Vaz: just GO, please.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Leicestershire BNP attend Stoke Day of Action

Leicestershire members travelled to Stoke to join about 400 from all over Great Britain on Saturday to leaflet and attend the Stoke Day of Action Rally.

We arrived early at our meeting point and were soon joined by carloads of others from across the East Midlands.The organisers, who did a fantastic job, split us into groups to leaflet the area. Each group was led by local BNP activists; our leaders were Kirsty and John, and we send our greetings and thanks to them for organising the leafletting session. Bearing in mind that we were strangers to the town, they did very well in marshalling their flock!

Our presence was very well received by the good people of Stoke who made it obvious by their comments that they approved of the BNP, and the reasons for our action on Saturday. Very proud also, to see our Truth Truck driving around the town, we spotted it 3 times in our area alone.

After leafletting, we repaired to a delightful pub on the outskirts for a well-earned lunch and drink with other friends from the region. There, we waited until it was time to make our way to the Rally, the destination being kept under wraps until this point so that the ever-violent reds did not disrupt it.

Arriving at the Rally, we found activists converging from all parts of Stoke; many were already there, proudly holding aloft Union Flags, along with those of St. George, Scotland, Wales, the White Dragon of Wessex and the 3 Lions of England. We joined them on a bank overlooking the main road, beside the banners calling for "Justice for Keith Brown". We held placards representing The Christian Council of Britain, which remind us of the Christian values of our land (one of the Commandments, enshrined in our law is "Thou shall not kill").

As we stood there, it was amazing to hear so many cars tooting their horns for us as they passed, with drivers waving out of their windows and giving us the thumbs up. Thank you, people of Stoke; our cheers were for all of you.

It was noticeable how few police were on duty at the rally, compared with their presence at the Leeds trial. They know that we in the BNP do not cause trouble; in fact, it was announced later that the local police had commended us on our impeccable behaviour. Contrast that with the reports of violence and vandalism in Hanley centre perpetrated by the disgraceful types protesting against our rally -and thus, their abhorrence of unbiased justice for true Britons. Thanks go to the Stoke police, and we hope that none of you were harmed by those people, as the Derbyshire police were by reds at the RWB.

BNP security do a wonderful job, as we know, but some special words of praise go to our own EM security lads, Lee, Adie, and Sean. They identified a carful of reds, with a few others shuffling along, trying to enter the Rally site. Our lads stopped them before they could get very far (and harm us), politely but firmly turning them out. Well done,lads!

Came the time for us all to make our way to the Truth Truck, where 2 Stoke Councillors, Simon Darby and Nick Griffin gave moving speeches. As they described the troubles Keith and his family endured, and the circumstances of Keith's murder, there were cries of "Shame!" and "A disgrace!" directed against the system which let Keith down so badly. Stoke will remember this day, and the reasons for it, for a very long time. Leicestershire BNP were proud to represent our County at this important event.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

New RWB 2008 DVD

You can now buy copies of our new DVD, celebrating this year's Red, White & Blue Festival, preview below.

Copies are available to buy at £5.00 each.
If you would like a copy posting to you, please send a £6.00 (inc. £1 P&P) cheque (payable to British National Party) to:
PO Box 9128,
LE17 9DD

Monday, 15 September 2008

Britain's first sharia court

Last Friday (September 12th) an article appeared in the Leicester Mercury proclaiming that the first Islamic sharia court is operating in Leicestershire. The extent of this departure from British law was also covered in a Times article Here

Some people may feel that because there is a precedent in that there are already Jewish Beth Din courts operating in Britain, that this a natural extension for muslims living here. For others, alarm bells ring and see this as yet another thin end of the wedge to gradually bring in full Islamic law.

We note that Sughra Ahmed is from the Islamic Foundation in Leicester. This organisation was founded in 1973 by Khurshid Ahmad, a senior figure in Jamaat-i-Islami. It is an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain.
Mohammed Siddique Siddon is, or was, a Research Fellow of the Foundation. The attached bookstore promotes works of Islamist fundamentalists Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb. Those who have read Ed Hussein's book, The Islamist will hear very loud alarm bells now; so Leicestershire BNP would like to know rather more about Miss Ahmad's credentials.

Suleman Nagdi is the spokesman for the Leicestershire Federation of Muslim Organisations. At the moment, he is objecting to a proposed ban on the disgusting culture of halal killing. Well, he would.

It's just a thought, but doesn't the Federation of Muslim Organisations sound similar to the Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Stoke Day of Action, 20th September

A message from Geoff Dickens:

We need to know numbers travelling to Stoke in order to arrange transport, or if you are preparing to drive. Can you give lifts/need a lift? Alternately, if enough people wish to go, it might be worth hiring a mini-bus.

If you're planning to go would you please contact Geoff on 07795000676 so that he can coordinate arrangements. Planned departure time is between 9-10am.

For other Leicestershire groups (Melton, Charnwood, NW Leicestershire) please contact your Organisers.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Leafletting -can you help?

A respected senior member of Leicester BNP who is a staunch activist is appealing for help in leafletting in the Blaby area. He has already put out 500 leaflets on his own, but with extra hands to the wheel the job can be done so much quicker and make a bigger impact.

The area in question is a very good one for us, and the percentages of votes in previous elections have increased each time. In the run-up to the Euro elections, let's keep the momentum going!

If you can help, please ring Mike on 01455273965.
He is prepared to work to any daytime schedule that suits you, and doesn't normally leaflet for more than 2hours.