Saturday, 16 August 2008

Pictures from the Red, White and Blue

The first two photos show our Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, manning our stall. "A Taste of Leicestershire" has become a tradition and Festival-goers look forward to this free treat of our local fare. Intriguing Stilton varieties (blue, cranberry, apricot, chilli, blueberry) were all popular, along with Red Leicester.

Freshly baked Melton pork pies were also available to try -we soon ran out of these, and promise to bring more next year! All of these items are made by small Leicestershire firms, which we support wholeheartedly.

We also offered luscious Victoria plums; these were hand-picked early each morning by Geoff from his own tree -we understand that this operation was watched curiously by 2 baby woodpigeons who have taken up temporary residence in the plum tree!

It was obvious that there was a great increase in the numbers attending the RWB this time as the food disappeared much more quickly than previous years and we thank you all for your donations to the food-tasting, which enabled us to cover costs. We regret that we couldn't offer beer other than that FREE to Leicestershire activists, courtesy of a local brewery this year, but happily everyone respected and abided by the rules.

Also available on the stall were garments, leather belts, plants, and limited edition model Walker's Crisps vans.

This picture shows the fairground; it is run by a local Leicestershire family

2 pictures of the BNP's new Truth Truck, which was unveiled at the RWB on Sunday, to the delight of the members, their families and friends.

Not Leicestershire, but worthy of mention; London is running a "Mothers against knifes" campaign and we hope that you all signed their petition at the weekend.

2 pictures of the Regional marquees. Leicestershire Branch was included in the large East Midlands one.
The East Midlands were runners-up in the Best Regional Tent competition, coming second to the North West...we'll be back next year, going for first place!

'Tony Blair' and 'Osama bin Laden' were pelted with wet sponges while being confined to the village stocks outside the East Midlands tent -courtesy of Melton BNP!

Memorial Corner. A very moving tribute to the white victims of race crime. Each cross carried a portrait, and we were invited to light a candle to place beside them.

We wish to thank the organisers and everyone involved in making this year's RWB such a resounding success.

Pictures courtesy of 'Leicester Boy'


The Green Arrow said...

Looks great guys. If I had known there was going to be free cheese I would have been there.

Glad it went well and pleased you all had a great time.

Keats said...

Hi, GA.
Aha, now I know how to tempt you to one of our meetings!
Thanks for your good wishes.