Friday, 22 August 2008

The Muslim burials that YOU help pay for

A resident of Leicester forwarded the following to us.

"Concerned Leicester Citizen"

"This page is published by a concerned Leicester Citizen, he has seen a rise and spread of Islam within the city.

Why does the Muslim Burial Council of Leicester receive a massive grant for "out of hours burials"? If I (or indeed any "Kuffir") die on a bank holiday or at weekend I have to wait to be buried!"

The document shown is a reply from Leicester City Council to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. (Click on the image to enlarge).

Leicestershire BNP strongly object to Leicester's council tax payers subsidising one particular section of the community on religious grounds; this is not cohesion, nor does it help "interfaith", unless other religious denominations in the city receive similar grants towards burials?. If not, it will breed justified resentment and be seen as positive discrimination against Christians, and other faiths, who are entitled to equal treatment as tax-payers.

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