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Leicestershire BNP goes to Summer School


Powys, Wales: The setting for Summer School, 2008

We've received 3 excellent reports from Leicester Branch members who attended the Summer School, thank you for those. Here they are, in their own words:

Report by Leicester Boy

On the weekend of 28/29th June, five activists from the Leicestershire Branch joined activists from around the country in the beautiful countryside of Powys for the BNP's annual Summer School training event.

The weekend started with an opening speech by Simon Darby, then it was down to work. There were 6 mandatory courses including:

*Developing Community Initiatives -which have brought us electoral success in those areas where they've been implemented.
*How To Support Our Councillors -a new form of activism to support new councillors, help them perform to optimum effect and thereby ensure re-election.
*Building YBNP in the Regions -essential to secure the success of our Party and to build a whole new voter base for the future.
*Communication and Efficiency -a professional's perspective on how we can improve our effectiveness as a unit, and as a political Party.
*Follow-ups and Developing Groups (by our own branch organiser, Geoff Dickens) -in the wake of our massive enquiry response to the recent televised Party Political Broadcast.
*Positive Propaganda -presenting the Party in a pro-active and positive way which is attractive to voters.

The study part of the day finished with an evening address by Richard Barnbrook.
For those who were camping on the site, there was then a hog roast and social evening.

On the Sunday, there was a choice of courses to attend. delegates had the choice of attending 6 of the following:

*Photographic And Film Production Techniques.
*How To Answer Tricky Questions.
*Fund-raising Ideas.
*How To Hold a Good Meeting (Geoff Dickens again).
*The Regionalisation Of Treasury.
*How To Support The Party as a School Governor.
*Our Rights As Party Activists.
*Building An Effective Team.
*How To Write Propaganda.
*The Work Of Solidarity And How To Become A Union Rep.
*The Importance Of Image In Publicity.
*How To Write Good English.
*The Virtual Doorstep-how to refine your canvassing techniques.
*How To Make Leaflets From Templates.
*How To Do Mail Merges.
*Membership Administration -meet the team and find out who does what.

The weekend ended with a closing address from chairman, Nick Griffin.
It was a very informative and enjoyable weekend.

Lecture Areas

Report by joninleicester

The annual Summer School was held at an idyllic spot in Powys on the banks of the Severn backed by magnificent hills.
Somehow during the weekend, one East Midlands delegate managed to obtain permission to fish and landed a 6lb barbell using a chunk of luncheon meat!

200 delegates attended, including a full team from the East Midlands, and 5 from Leicester Branch. Some camped overnight, with the more elderly succumbing to the comfort of a nearby hotel.

On Saturday, a range of seminars included subjects covering branch development, effective communication, positive propaganda, support for Councillors, and more.

Leicestershire Organiser, Geoff Dickens, had the daunting task of doing 6 back-to-back presentations on the growth and development of groups, based on the "Leicestershire Method". It certainly seemed to give him a thirst!! The first training day ended with a rousing speech by our GLA member, Richard Barnbrook, who gave us an amusing insight into his first few weeks work.

The Leicester delegates at Summer School

Report by Adrian Waudby

The British National Party's Summer School 2008 event, held this weekend, was attended by 200 of the Party's best. Leicestershire was well represented at the two day event held in the picturesque countryside of Wales. Party members from Charnwood, Melton and Leicester were in attendance. Geoff Dickens, Cathy Duffy and John Ryde were involved in delivering some of the training at the best ever professionally run Summer School held.

Nick Griffin's Closing Speech

Nick Griffin's Closing Address


Saturday, 28th June:

Opening address -Simon Darby

1. Building the YBNP in the Regions -Mike Howson
2. Information & Support for Councillors -Cathy Duffy
3. Developing Community Initiatives -Heather Watson & Marlene Guest
4. Effective Communication -Frank Forte
5. Follow Ups & Developing Groups -Geoff Dickens
6. Positive Propaganda -Arthur Kemp

Evening Address -Richard Barnbrook

Sunday, 29th June

1.Candidate Recruitment -Richard Barnbrook
2. Fund-Raising -Mike Howson
3. How to Hold a Meeting -Geoff Dickens
4. Publicity & Image -Martin Wingfield
5. Dealing with the Media -Simon Darby
6. The Virtual Doorstep -Peter Mullins
7. How to Build an Effective Team -Jackie Griffin
8. How to Write Correct English -Michaela Mckenzie
9. Solidarity -Being a Union Rep -Solidarity Representative
10. How to Use a Camcorder -Rod Gordon
11. Regionalising a Treasury -David Hannam
12. How to be a Good School Governor -Ken Booth
13. The Internet as a Media Tool -Simon Bennett
14. Designing Leaflets in Microsoft Publisher -Mark Collett
15. Mail Merges for Council Elections. -Mark Collett
16. Introducing the Membership Team -Tina Wingfield, Colin Goodgroves & Donna Hancock

Closing Address Nick Griffin

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