Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lack of school places

Up to 20 Lutterworth children, as young as four, are having to consider getting a taxi to take them to school.

Both Sherrier and Wycliffe schools have reached their limits on the number of children that can be taken in. The childrens' parents have called for a mobile building to be put at either school, but this has been refused by Leicestershire County Council who have offered them places at Dunton Basset Primary, 4 miles away.

Leicestershire branch of the British National Party calls on the County Council to think again. All Lutterworth primary school aged children should be able to attend a school in their own town.

Over the past few years, the population of Lutterworth has grown considerably, due to a lot of new housing being built. It is the responsibility of the County Council to ensure that available primary school places in the town grow at the same pace.

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