Friday, 4 July 2008

Knife crime sky high -so why this low sentence!

An angry Leicester resident contacted one of our members to tell him about the inadequate sentence handed down to a guilty young thug in our city. Clearly upset and frustrated that the Courts appear to take such cases so casually, he said:

"Here is a taste of what sort of enrichment Leicester endures on a regular basis from immigrants. This youth [Nikesh Patel]was wearing a balaclava, caused an affray, was brandishing a cricket bat, had a knife with a 7inch blade in his bag, made death threats and told his Probation Officer that he owned his girl-friend and would have used the weapons if the police hadn't stopped him -and still intended to carry a knife in the future.

And, according to this article, the judge sent out a stern warning by handing out...wait for it...a 4 month sentence?!

He will be out in 2 months, and has told us all that he will be carrying a knife again in the future, but hey, don't is all bravado apparently according to his Defence lawyer, Andrew CONboy!

The Leicester Mercury report can be found HERE.

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