Monday, 14 July 2008

Brand new leafletting area...and CASCET

Local people were eager to meet BNP members leafletting in the pr0posed Eco-town area this week. Members admitted to being pleasantly surprised at this warm reception -the very first time that the BNP has leafletted there.

Problems -the usual social ones - were soon brought to the attention of Dep. Organiser, Mike Robinson, and his team and these problems were accompanied by the usual, time-honoured complaints of..."Police and local Authorities don't want to know". When elected, BNP Councillors WILL want to know, and will DEMAND that action be taken to deal with these social problems.

"Stop The Eco-town"

These posters, seen all over this area, strapped firmly to lamp posts, look very effective -even caring. They're well-made and not at all cheap, which tells you something Odd, really, that the group calling itself CASCET should go to so much trouble (and expense).

CASCET is a group of local Councillors and some Westminster MPs from almost all Parties, making out they're opposed to the Eco-town in the area.

Rubbish! To take just one instance; can anyone believe that Brown and his socialist comrades would allow someone like Keith Vaz (Labour MP for Leicester East) to be part of a group actively campaigning against Labour Party/Government policy (under orders from fellow comrades in Brussels, of course)? No way! It's all a sham, a con, a total charade!

-Mike Robinson

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