Sunday, 20 July 2008

Assisting in Boston

'Leicester Boy' has sent this report, and picture, of our leafletters in Boston

"On Sunday 20th July, members from Leicestershire travelled to Boston in Lincolnshire to assist with leafletting for an upcoming election.

The Ward we are contesting is very rural, consisting of 4 lovely villages. We joined a dozen local activists in delivering 1600 leaflets to every home in the Ward over a 3-hour period and received a good number of positive responses from local people.

Our best wishes go to our candidate, David Owens, in this election."

Mike Robinson one of the two septuagenarians in our group, adds:
"The day was sunny, with smiling people welcoming the lads as they made their way door to door.

This election, which has occurred because a local Councillor resigned over the result of a lost court case concerning a traffic offence, will take place on July 24th. This is the same day that the Glasgow East election will be held, when it is expected that Labour will get yet another kicking.

The Boston election is anyone's race,we understand, so why not a BNP win?"

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