Thursday, 12 June 2008

Leafletting Progress

Leicestershire leafletters at Henley

Our teams of leafletters are progressing in the vicinity of the proposed "eco-town".
Following our successful campaign in Market Harborough, where over 9000 leaflets were distributed, we have moved towards the area that will be adversely affected should the proposed eco-town be developed; having delivered around 3000 in the Kibworth area, we have moved on to Fleckney. Meanwhile, another team are busy in the Thurnby area. Needless to say, our message has been well received, with positive comments from the public outnumbering negative ones 8 to 1 and a steady flow of enquiries and membership applications.

Leafletters are continually greeted on the street with handshakes and good wishes, as well as thanks for the BNP presence in the area; this kind of response has been apparent in all areas of course, but it would have been thought unusual in the leafy market towns and villages in times past. In Market Harborough, a new paper-round has been established, and 2 meetings have taken place, where local people were able to express their concerns about local and national issues, and see for themselves that the media lies about the BNP are unfounded.

Thank-you leaflets are going out in Hinckley after Mike Shore's stunning result in the by-election in Castle Ward in April where he came from nowhere to take second place with 18.8% of the vote, pushing Conservatives and Labour into 3rd and 4th places respectively.

5 members of Leicestershire BNP travelled to Henley last weekend to assist in leafletting for the by-election there, called after Boris Johnson resigned his seat. There, they met up with a big team including Richard Barnbrook, Eddie Butler, Chris Beverley and our candidate for Henley, Tim Rait. They report that support for the BNP there is much higher than had been thought, and considering that Henley is in the stockbroker belt, not previously thought of as BNP 'territory', this is welcome news. I hear that bookmakers expect Labour to lose their deposit here; what an indictment on our present Government if they take less than 5% of the vote!

Wayne McDermott, who took the party down, would like to urge everyone who can to get down there and help; another visit is planned for the weekend after next, so get in touch with him as soon as possible. Wayne would particularly like to thank our 2 senior Leicestershire members, who can boast 150 years of age between them, for going to assist on the day, which I understand resulted in many sore feet, but happy hearts.