Sunday, 22 June 2008

Leicester Branch Meeting 21st June 2008

The meeting was chaired by our Hon. Secretary, Michael Robinson; Helen Cooke read the minutes of the last meeting.

Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, brought us up to date with happenings in Leicestershire; he reported an unprecedented response to leafletting in Fleckney. He went on to relate a comment from a new Leicestershire member, a retired Naval Commander who has just joined us; he apologises that he can't be active as he is 86 years old.

Geoff related how Leicestershire BNP used 500 hours of their weekend time to stick labels on leaflets for the by-election in Henley. He added that while the other Parties had handed in their leaflets in new boxes, we recycled old ones! Now who's the green Party?

A Voting Members' Meeting will be held on the 25th July, where anything can be brought up; 3 suggestions will be chosen which will go to the Advisory Council. Get in touch with Geoff if you'd like to attend.

James Mole will be discussing Fundholding and Treasury at the Summer School. He will then become Fundholder for the Region.

Councillor John Ryde, our Press Officer, announced that we will be contesting a Derbyshire ward,and that Rev. West will be standing in a seat in Lincolnshire. John's output of printed leaflets has grown considerably, and will continue to increase towards the EU elections. While the far left are getting more clamorous, and showing themselves up in the process, John pointed out that our leaflets are reaching every household.

Councillor Paul Preston is organising a car boot sale, with proceeds going towards the EU elections, so if you have quality items for him to sell, please get in touch. Paul also related the amount of work BNP Councillors actually do, in contrast to the Left's slurs. Our Councillors score incredibly highly, compared to many from other Parties.

Maurice Collett spoke about his up-coming bike ride to raise funds towards the EU elections. (see the video interview with Maurice here). He said that getting sponsors is easy, as people are very willing to help the BNP. To get sponsorship details, contact Maurice on 01162 303 814, or Wayne on 07775 797 775 to pledge your help on the day.

Following on from Mike Robinson's warnings concerning the Lisbon Treaty, Peter Jarvis gave an excellent talk, examining the reasons for the extinction of many of our native species, the loss of many vegetable varieties, etc.; he linked this with the EU, mass migration, over-dense population. He pointed to the lack of respect which runs through and is a corrupting influence which spreads through everyone. He maintained that the architects of the EU do not trust people not to say 'No', and quoted the Act of Supremacy of 1559.

Our guest speaker, Arthur Kemp, began his talk by describing how Kenneth Bigley was executed 4 years ago in Iraq, killed by halal ritual slaughter. Arthur then took us back to 1480, when the native peoples of Otranto in Italy were besieged by the muslim army; they were given the choice of surrendering and converting to Islam, or be killed. They chose to stand and fight, were overcome, and all died horrible deaths.After a full description of these events, Arthur then brought us back to the present day, comparing the many iniquities in Britain. He called for more candidates to stand as more and more people were waking up and crying out to be given the opportunity to vote BNP. Another inspiring speech from Arthur, and we thank him for coming to our Leicestershire meeting.

Below is a video featuring clips from the meeting. If you would like to attend our next branch meeting please contact us.

Leafletting Sessions

Leicester East: Wednesday evenings 7pm. Contact Lee on 0798 1971 895 or email

North West Leicestershire: Contact Wayne on 07775 797 778 or email

Harborough area: Contact Mike Robinson on 01455 273 965 or email Geoff Dickens on 07795 000 676 or email

Melton & Rutland: Contact James North on 0795 8776 128 or email

Charnwood: contact Kevan Stafford on 07952 977 114 or email

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Leafletting Progress

Leicestershire leafletters at Henley

Our teams of leafletters are progressing in the vicinity of the proposed "eco-town".
Following our successful campaign in Market Harborough, where over 9000 leaflets were distributed, we have moved towards the area that will be adversely affected should the proposed eco-town be developed; having delivered around 3000 in the Kibworth area, we have moved on to Fleckney. Meanwhile, another team are busy in the Thurnby area. Needless to say, our message has been well received, with positive comments from the public outnumbering negative ones 8 to 1 and a steady flow of enquiries and membership applications.

Leafletters are continually greeted on the street with handshakes and good wishes, as well as thanks for the BNP presence in the area; this kind of response has been apparent in all areas of course, but it would have been thought unusual in the leafy market towns and villages in times past. In Market Harborough, a new paper-round has been established, and 2 meetings have taken place, where local people were able to express their concerns about local and national issues, and see for themselves that the media lies about the BNP are unfounded.

Thank-you leaflets are going out in Hinckley after Mike Shore's stunning result in the by-election in Castle Ward in April where he came from nowhere to take second place with 18.8% of the vote, pushing Conservatives and Labour into 3rd and 4th places respectively.

5 members of Leicestershire BNP travelled to Henley last weekend to assist in leafletting for the by-election there, called after Boris Johnson resigned his seat. There, they met up with a big team including Richard Barnbrook, Eddie Butler, Chris Beverley and our candidate for Henley, Tim Rait. They report that support for the BNP there is much higher than had been thought, and considering that Henley is in the stockbroker belt, not previously thought of as BNP 'territory', this is welcome news. I hear that bookmakers expect Labour to lose their deposit here; what an indictment on our present Government if they take less than 5% of the vote!

Wayne McDermott, who took the party down, would like to urge everyone who can to get down there and help; another visit is planned for the weekend after next, so get in touch with him as soon as possible. Wayne would particularly like to thank our 2 senior Leicestershire members, who can boast 150 years of age between them, for going to assist on the day, which I understand resulted in many sore feet, but happy hearts.

Monday, 9 June 2008

East Meets West

East Meets West

On Saturday, 7th. of June the East and West Midlands regions came together for a dinner and social evening at a popular venue in North Warwickshire. It was a great idea as, although we often know the names of activists, candidates and Councillors around the country, it is pleasing to put faces to those names, and make friends with them in a more relaxed setting.

Around 60 people, from all over the Midlands, attended. Before the 3 course dinner, a quiz was set, to break the ice and encourage everybody to discuss the answers with their counterparts in the other region (and, er, crib said answers from them if necessary!). After dinner, a raffle was held, the top prize being 3 bottles (red, white and blue) of champagne. These were the last of those donated to the BNP by Jean Le Penn, from his own vineyards; they brought back memories of seeing Nick Griffin and Mark Collett celebrating outside Leeds Crown Court when they were found innocent of all charges.

The night raised a handsome sum, the proceeds of which will be divided between the two regions to be put towards the 2009 European Elections.
It was an excellent fundraising event, and most enjoyable for everyone. We would like to thank the organisers, our host and their helpers, all of whom worked so hard to make this an event such a success.