Sunday, 21 December 2008

You couldn't make it up!

A piece on Ashfield BNP's blogsite caught our correspondent's eye:

"My wife and I visited a local RSPCA centre on Tuesday in the hope of adopting a dog as a companion for our Border Collie. After choosing a dog we went to the reception to ask how we could go about adopting her.
We were asked a few questions then told that unfortunately we were unsuitable to adopt the dog, on asking why we were told that as we have two young children it would be unfair on the dog who is very nervous, my wife pointed out that we had walked the dog in the paddock and she had seemed very happy playing and running around with the children. The RSPCA lady replied “yes that may be true but she has come from a Polish family and doesn’t understand any English…”
To say I was lost for words doesn’t come close - You couldn’t make it up!"

Well, the RSPCA should obviously employ interpreters for this kind of problem, though perhaps giving the animals English lessons might work out cheaper.

It does make you wonder though why these poor dogs (and other pets, of course) find themselves looking for a new, kind home; have they been dumped, or ill-treated? Yes, often, and it beggars belief as to how this can happen; and while most people love and cherish their pets, some time into 2009 we shall once again hear how many are left at animal rescue centres -Christmas presents that are no longer wanted.

I heard some reasons people gave for returning their unwanted pets on TV this week; two of them were:
"It's face looks like David Bowie"
"It doesn't match the sofa"
Hilarious, aren't they? But also, shallow, selfish and very silly - rather like the person at the RSPCA who denied that dog a good home because her politally correct mind had run amok.

Ibstock and Heather by-election, 18th December

Ivan Hammonds, our candidate in the Ibstock and Heather by-election on 18th December, very narrowly missed winning the seat. Last January, the result of that by-election in Ibstock shocked the establishment when Mr. Hammonds lost by 62 votes, placing the BNP 2nd. This time, he held his position but by a mere 15 votes. We congratulate him for that achievement and look forward to even more progress in this Ward in the future.

The real losers were the Lib Dems, as can be seen from this comparison of votes from this year's 2 elections in Ibstock:

January, 2008
Lab: 699
BNP: 637
Con: 515
Lib Dem: 441

December, 2008

We also wish to congratulate Cllr Wayne Mcdermott for organising and running a superb campaign, as well as his dedicated team and all the activists who came from near and far to help attain this result.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Friday, 12 December 2008

Anti incinerator campaign and new fundraising CD

Many people in Leicestershire will be aware of the campaign in North West Leicestershire against having an incinerator for excess waste built in their area. Residents definitely do not want this health-hazard, which will impact on communities within North West Leicestershire district and those in the north of Hinckley and Bosworth district such as Stanton under Bardon, Thornton, Bagworth and others nearby.

Why should I be concerned about the health impacts of this project?

Waste incinerators are large sources of fine particulate matter. Fine particulate matter is particulate matter that is 2.5 microns in diameter and less. It is also known as PM2.5 or respirable particles because it penetrates the respiratory system further than larger particles. These particles pass through the nose and throat and become lodged in the lungs, aggravating respiratory conditions.

Scientific studies have found that exposure to PM 2.5 can cause illness and can aggravate breathing problems like asthma and emphysema. The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that people with existing heart or lung disease, asthma, or other respiratory problems, children, and elderly people are at the greatest risk.

Particulate matter also contributes to haze, which restricts visibility and contributes to the formation of ozone, acid rain, and global climate change. Ground-level ozone irritates lungs and can cause shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing and coughing. According to the American Lung Association, long-term exposure to high levels of ozone can lead to reduced lung function, inflammation of the lung lining, and increased respiratory problems.

A report on the health impact of the MWIA-Waste Incinerator at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium found the following:

'Very striking is the high amount of young children with cancer in group 6 (Leukaemia and gland cancer).'

'A lot of young people (mainly women) who used to live in the neighbourhood of the waste incinerator, have problems with fertility, problems with pregnancy; and problems with birth.'

'after 13 years the occurrence of cancer is twice as high as anywhere else, and this is increasing to 5 times higher than anywhere else after the waste incinerator has been active for 20 years.'

'From the beginning of the waste incineration process people in the neighbourhood were found to have problems with breathing, eczema and allergies'

'Many years after their birth a lot of children in the area were found to have problems. These included: hyperactivity; disturbances of behaviour; growth retardation; disturbances of brain development; heart defects; learning problems; concentration disturbances; allergies; asthma; various sorts of mutations (autism, dwarf growth etc) mental defectiveness; motorical disturbances etc.'

'Lots of people in the immediate surroundings of the incinerator complain about chronical fatigue, insomnia, hyper ventilation, breathing problems, stress, stomach complaints, allergies and hormonal complaints.'

With prices of recyclable waste plummeting as the recession bites, if this is allowed to be built the Council will be tempted to burn even more waste than originally planned as it will not be worth selling on.

As usual, our BNP Councillors are in the forefront of this campaign and have done major work to bring it to the attention of the public.Two excellent articles, one on the dangers of incinerators and the other giving details of a protest at County Hall in September, may be found on Their Blogspot

Now BNP's NWL Branch have moved up a gear; they have got a local band to write a song and this has been played on Radio Leicester, getting a whole morning's coverage.
Councillor Wayne McDermott of Ellistown told us:

"Now I am asking for your help; we have a CD to sell which only costs £2 per copy with any profit helping the campaign. It’s a heavy metal band perhaps not everybody’s favourite but it’s the message we are selling"

This is a splendid idea and we join Cllr. McDermott in asking you to buy this CD. The important point is that it will help the residents in their battle against the incinerator. And what a great little stocking-filler for heavy metal enthusiasts, a real collector's item!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

BNP Councillors organise tree planting

Members of the BNP turned out on Wednesday to plant trees in the parish of Leicester Forest East (LFE).

Under a County Council initiative, which is aimed at replacing lost trees in rural areas of the county, ten trees (Alder and Maple) were provided to LFE parish council but no councillors were available to plant them.

Since the early 1980s, the county of Leicestershire has lost over 50% of its single landscape trees from rural areas. This is largely due to the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease and other disorders, such as Ash Decline, in the 1980s. More recently disorders such as Chestnut Bleeding Canker and Oak Decline are adding to this loss.

A Labour parish councillor had agreed to collect and plant the trees but had to drop out at the last minute. In desperation at the lack of help from other parish councillors the parish clerk was planning to use council taxpayer’s money to hire a team to plant the trees.

Councillor Paul Preston with one
of the newly planted trees.

Luckily BNP parish councillor Paul Preston was informed first and he said that Party members would do the task for no charge. Six members and supporters of the BNP collected the trees from County Hall and planted them.

Councillor Paul Preston says:

"Members and supporters of the BNP turned out today to plant trees in the Parish of Leicester Forest East. Under a County Council initiative 4 members and 2 supporters of the party were willing and able to help, after no other Councillors were available for this job. It was left to the BNP members of L.F.E Parish Council to organise the collection and planting of the trees.
Here is a list of the brave souls who turned out:

Councillor Paul Preston, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Martin Brown, BNP L.F.E Parish
Councillor Peter Jarvis, BNP Kirby Muxloe Parish
David, BNP supporter Braunstone
Gerry Faulkner, supporter L.F.E
Arlene Preston, supporter L.F.E

I would like to thank Craig at Braunstone Crossroads Motors for the free use of their vehicle and driver."

Well done to all. Here we see a resident-friendly initiative carried through by BNP Councillors alone. They got on with it, did the job, and saved local tax-payers money. This is what happens when BNP Councillors are elected.

We hear that Cllr. Paul Preston also donated and served teas at a local Craft Fair on 29th November in order to raise funds for the air ambulance. The vent raised £75.00, of which £25.00 was catering. Paul, like other hard-working BNP Councillors is to be commended, and it is a salutary lesson to others that council work involves actually getting out there doing community work, not simply talking about it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Leicestershire meeting, 6th December

Minutes of BNP branch meeting, December 2008

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Mike Robinson. Approximately 50 people attended.
The Minutes of our last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's and press report: Geoff Dickens

The leaked list: Geoff asked the room who had had abusive phone calls; about 8 people had, and Geoff told them to report them to the police, and any that call you 'white boy' to report them as a race crime. The East Midlands lost one member who had been with us for 4 months because of the leak, and 5 people who's membership had lapsed and have had abusive calls say they will re-join. Also someone who worked for Asda was sacked for being a BNP member and Asda was taken to court and had to pay him a large sum.

We won Boston by getting more votes than Lib Lab Con and UKIP put together. In Markfield we leafletted only and got 14% of the vote, where we were only getting 6%. Now we average 20%. Then Geoff explained how the voting for the EU elections works, and suggested that we might get a seat with only 13 to 20% of the vote.

We have a new group in Bolsover, with 60 people attending last week's meeting, and a man who's been a Labour town councillor for 14 years has joined the BNP.

Cllr. Peter Jarvis had a fund raiser when it was his birthday, and raised over £950 for us which will be divided between the 4 Leicestershire Groups.

Leicester Branch was Best Fundraiser for the 3rd year out of the last 6.
John Ryde was named Best Activist of the Year.

15 minute interval

Guest speaker

Jonathan Bowden spoke to us about the political and monetry situation in this country and across the world. He said that this 'crash' is similar to the one in 1929/30, although then there was 25% unemployment, with no social welfare! The crisis that is ongoing now, he said, will be very bad, and the reason for it happening is that the monetry system has been based on extreme gambling, where it ceases to be about things, and is about concepts. The average salary in Lehman's was £320,000 per annum, and one day the boss came in and told them they were all out, no pension, no more money, and they had an hour to get out. We have tied ourselves to the US, originally because of the war debt, and also because of the war; Atlee passed the Nationality Act, and said that the races of the world needed to be mixed together so that there would be no more war.

England is now 15% non-white, and 2 million white people have left London; and, out of interest, when Enoch Powell made his most quoted speech, he received 2 million letters, only 9 of which were against, and only one was abusive. The Kennedys reversed the non white immigration policy, and now America is only two thirds white.

Jonathan wondered what the sudden jolt of this economic chaos will do to us, and asked us all to leaflet, stand, raise money, attend events and do what you can for the people of this part of England.

In questions he was asked:
"Are you going to stand in the EU elections?" - "Yes"; and, "What's your second language?" to which he replied: "Latin." He added that the polls say that 56% of us want us to come out of the EU, and where that position was unacceptable, it's now the majority thought.


Collection with teas raised £231.57 and 1 US dollar (which we exchanged for 63p) and 10 Kenyan shillings.
Raffle raised £48.60.
The date of the next meeting is 21st February.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Congratulations, Peter!

Congratulations to PETER JARVIS, who this week has gained a place on Kirby Muxloe Parish Council, in Blaby District. This position is well deserved, as Peter is a hard worker and will dedicate all his efforts towards the interests of Kirby residents.

Peter becomes the 5th BNP councillor in our area,the others being: John Ryde, Newbold Verdon (Hinckley & Bosworth); Paul Preston and Martin Brown, Leicester Forest East (Blaby); Bob Walton, Glenfield (Blaby).

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Peter's birthday party a great success

All four Leicestershire Groups and Branches came together on Saturday, 29th November, to celebrate Peter's birthday, which he turned into a superb fundraising event for next year's County elections with £950 being raised from donations. This will be split between the four Groups.

Many thanks to all those involved in the catering department, raffle, quiz and horse-racing, and of course to the birthday boy himself for organising the evening. Thanks also go to Joey Smith who entertained us with his live music. To those who provided security, we say: "Well done!".
And above all, thank you to those who sold, and bought, the tickets.

A good time was had by all; similar events will be held in the near future and we wish them the same success as that enjoyed at Saturday's party.

(By the way Peter; where was my slice of birthday cake?! -Ed.)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Is this the end for Vulcan XH558?

After thrilling people at air-shows during the Summer, the iconic Avro Vulcan bomber XH558 has returned to her hangar at Bruntingthorpe proving ground, where she was lovingly restored by a dedicated team. Sadly, she is grounded, due to lack
of funds to progress the Vulcan to the Sky project.

Many people have made donations to the project over the last decade because they appreciate the quality of this 'plane; if you've been lucky enough to see (or hear!) the Vulcan in flight, you'll realise what a splendid example of British engineering she is; and, besides this, she is the last airworthy example of her kind. We thrill with pride on seeing the last classic warplanes from WW2 flying, and the Vulcan deserves her place with them as part of our aviation history.

2006 saw a wonderful response to the plea for funding, which saw the Vulcan airborne this year. But this will always be an expensive project and we hope that Vulcan to the Sky's 2008/2009 campaign to raise a further £1,000,000 is successful. Click here to make a donation

There is a lot of information on Vulcan XH558 and the history of Vulcan bombers

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Day of Action: "I'm number 14"

If you are not involved with the Ibstock campaign, please can you join your fellow BNP members from around the country in a Day of Action.


Day of Action – “I’m Number 14”

Bring all remaining copies of Racism Cuts Both Ways to Merseyside, Saturday 29th November. 11 a.m. onwards. RV points to be announced. Mass mobilisation of BNP activists from all over the UK needed.

Police Torture, Cruel Treatment, Withheld Medicines: This is Stalinist New Britain

Police torture which leaves innocent people bleeding and bruised; house ransacking of 75-year-old pensioners and the deliberate withholding of vital medicine to 70-year-old detainees suffering from stage three renal failure — this is the face of Stalinist New Britain as it has developed under the Labour/Tory era.

The story of the Liverpool 13, as detailed by them exclusively to BNP News, is a shocking tale of police abuse, sanctioned at the very highest levels of government. BNP activist Andrew Tierney today described how, after he had announced his intention to passively resist the forced taking of his fingerprints and DNA, he had been set upon by six policemen.

Showing the bleeding from the wounds he had suffered behind his ears, and the bruising on his side and arms, Mr Tierney said that he had told the policemen that he would not violently resist, but that he was a totally innocent patriot and as such he was not going to help them in any way.

“I told them I was only going to offer passive resistance. I was not going to be violent towards anyone, and would not use any expletives.

“I stood with my hands clasped behind my back, and the six policemen then set about me. At the time I thought to myself if this is what it takes for six of them to undo my hand clasp, they are lucky I am not in shape,” he said.

“They then somehow applied a tremendous pressure behind my ears, inflicting great pain,” he continued. Photographs taken shortly afterwards clearly showed bleeding from wounds sustained behind both Mr Tierney’s ears.

Next, the guardians of democracy applied some kind of pressure to his arms and his side, once again leaving considerable bruising, evidenced again by photographs taken shortly after his release.

“They then pulled my head back so far that my windpipe was restricted, and while I was gasping for air, applied pressure to the front of my neck as well,” he said. Nearly collapsing from the pain and lack of oxygen, Mr Tierney was then unable to prevent the policemen from taking his fingerprints.

“Next they grabbed hold of my nose, and once again somehow applied the most penetrating pressure to the back of my neck, forcing my mouth open to take a DNA swab,” he continued. The whole episode lasted at least a quarter of an hour, and Mr Tierney was left shaken and in pain, so that two other policemen, obviously appalled at his treatment, offered him water once the others had left.

Mr Tierney said despite the treatment meted out to him, he was not going to hold the policemen personally responsible. “I blame the state for creating the situation in which such things are possible,” he said. “What happened on Saturday is the inevitable end result of the anti-white racism and brainwashing which has permeated years of Tory and Labour rule. It was precisely against this which the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways‘ booklet was aimed.”

While Mr Tierney was being manhandled in this manner, his 75-year old mother’s house was being ransacked by yet another team of police. Telling Mrs Tierney that they were looking for “guns and money” the police officers left after finding nothing, as Mrs Tierney told them they would.

Other activists’ houses were also searched. At the home of Mr Peter Stafford, police managed to find a laminated picture of BNP leader Nick Griffin which they confiscated, along with a number of BNP rosettes, all of which clearly showed that the whole operation was politically motivated and had no substance in ‘racially inflammatory’ material at all.

The oldest BNP leafleter to be arrested was Arnold Brindle, 70. The first thing he noticed was that his BNP membership card — only a few months old as he had just joined the party — was taken by a policeman and entered into a file as ‘seized property.’ Despite several requests, his card was never handed back, and no explanation was provided for this arbitrary act which was clearly unconnected to the allegations over the ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways‘ booklet.

All of the men were subjected to the most appalling deliberate delays in dealing with the matter as well. They were arrested at about ten minutes to one in the afternoon, but most were not even interviewed until after six pm, and the last was only interviewed well after 11 pm.

Mr Brindle, who suffers from stage three renal failure, was left alone in cell for five hours. “My doctor told me to always take my medication at the same time every evening,” Mr Briddle said. “I rang the bell to attract their attention to the fact that I needed to take my medication.

“They sent a woman who took my pulse and blood pressure. She then told me that I did not need my medication,” Mr Briddle said. “I tried to explain to them that this was my own doctor’s instructions, and not my request. They refused completely to give me my medication, with the result that I was only able to take it after I was released after two in the morning.”

All 13 men — Michael Phillips, Terence Oats, Paul Telford, Graham Davies, Arnold Brindle, David Bell, Peter Molloy, Peter Stafford jnr and snr, Peter Squire, John Brimelow, and the Tierney brothers, all had similar stories of how they were detained needlessly.

“Even though Merseyside police have said they will protect any BNP member list leak story,” Mr Molloy said, “We have no confidence in police after these series of events. It is incredible to think that this type of thing could happen in this day and age.”

Mr Molloy, who is the British National Party’s candidate in the Belle Vale ward, added that “the arrests made by Merseyside Police are politically motivated. They come from the anti-democratic New Labour Government who is running scared because ordinary British folk are turning towards the British National Party.

“The ‘Racism Cuts Both Ways’ leaflet shows that the white indigenous British people also suffer from racism and nothing else — an issue that the ruling elite tries to sweep under the carpet.

“They have picked on the wrong people if they think we are going to just roll over and walk away. Churchill sent the Royal Navy to the mouth of the Mersey estuary with their guns trained on the people of Liverpool; Thatcher tried to squash the people of Liverpool and failed. This New Labour Government is no better and we will not be defeated,” he said.

Advice on threatening phone calls

A number of BNP members have received threatening and malicious phone calls following the leak of the Membership List. Anybody who receives such calls are please asked to report it to their nearest BNP Branch Organiser so that a list can be made of all such harassment. Once the culprits for the blog are identified — and steps are underway to track that person or persons down — then they can be criminally prosecuted under the intimidation laws as well, providing we have the evidence to hand. Below is an extract from our main site:

BNP leader Nick Griffin said that he was working closely with the police who are taking the matter very seriously. “Anyone still receiving threatening phone calls from one of the pro-Labour trade union office phone banks who are behind a huge phone campaign should report it to the police and ask for a trace to be put on the line. Even Caller ID calls are instantly traceable by the police in such circumstances,” he said.

“We also need to hear of any problems that anyone does encounter so we can add them in to the list of consequences to be considered when the High Court is assessing the damages suffered as a consequence of the actions of the people responsible for this latest outrage,”

Therefore if you do encounter any problems please follow the above advice and also inform us in writing via email or to the postal address above so a record can be kept.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Simon Darby's view on the week's events

At this stage, late on Wednesday evening it has become very obvious that what we have witnessed over the last 24 hours has been a determined, co-ordinated and underhanded political attack on the British National Party by elements closely aligned to the Labour Party and the Trades Union movement.

Hundreds upon hundreds of our members have received abusive and threatening calls from a trades union call centre. Probably the same call centre that has been utilised in the past to canvass and selectively poison the electorate against the BNP in various target wards.

Several complaints of harassment have now been submitted to individual police forces across the country as the extent of this disgraceful operation is made clear. Members are advised to issue "no comment" statements to journalists and warn them of possible representations to the Press Complaints Commission. Threatening and abusive calls should instantly be reported to the police, recorded if possible and a demand should be made that the calls be traced.

Without a shadow of a doubt this collective attack on each and every one of us has brought our organisation closer together. Several journalists expressed this feeling to me late last night and first thing this morning. Further conversations have indicated that their is a common consensus that this shocking act has a high probability of backfiring in a spectacular style. As such nobody should panic, everyone should keep their heads and remember that united strength is stronger.

Remember this isn't just an attack on the ranks of the British National Party, this is an attempt to bully and oppress the whole population. It is a cynically calculated move to plant the idea in people's minds that if you object to Labour and consequently agree with the BNP, you lose the right to earn a living and feed your family. Think on that ladies and gentlemen, because that is the core of what has been said and done.

I emphasised in my addresses in Blackpool over the weekend just how close we are to moving up to another level. Well this just goes to illustrate my point exactly. If a cheap stunt like this is all they have in their locker, then every single one of us should take heart from the fact that in essence we are witnessing before our very eyes the death of the Labour regime and the vicious stranglehold it has on our freedoms.

We've been here before haven't we, these events, just like tacky Christmas commercials, come round with a predictable monotony. Yet another attempted "BNP Buster", like so many before, but this time there is a difference, a distinct sense of unease amongst the British population about what is playing played out here. You can almost smell that discomfort and contempt for a society that allows the naming and shaming of innocent members of a perfectly legitimate political party yet sanctions the cloaking of the identities of monsters who torture young children to death.

I was asked today how I felt about the effect the publication of our membership details would have on the BNP. The answer I returned was not quite the expected response. "In my opinion this is a pivotal moment in the evolution of the British National Party" I replied, "This will be the exact time when through their frustration, vindictiveness and hatred our opponents gifted us the mantle of a mainstream opposition organisation overnight." In the scheme of things this appalling error of judgement and complete lack of understanding of the British psyche is about as close as you can get to the political equivalent of the process of natural selection. It goes without saying that as a consequence I, and indeed the rest of you should sleep very well tonight.

- Simon Darby, Deputy Chairman, British National Party

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Membership list leak: official statement from Nick Griffin

"A number of members have expressed concern over the ‘leak’ of an old BNP membership list onto several crank internet forums. The list is essentially genuine, but has been slightly modified.

Presumably in an attempt to cause further mischief, it appears that a number of individuals who were not at the time, or who are not and never have been members of the party, have been added.

The vast majority of names and addresses on it are, however, from the November 2007 membership and skills list kept by a former head of administration of the party. This is the same list that was used to send via snail mail the bogus British Nationalist members’ bulletins last December and January.

Detailed analysis by our membership department proves conclusively that the core list dates from between 30th November and 2nd December 2007.

We have already sent formal demands to the web hosts to remove the list, pointing out to them that the fact that the publication of this year-old list constitutes Contempt of Court because a court order preventing its release or use was made and consented to by the group of disgraced former employees who first misappropriated it.

The web hosts’ legal department has already acknowledged receipt of our detailed analysis and demands. A solicitor has been asked to consider the implications of this for the final stages of that legal action, which is still not concluded, and we will be taking advice as to what can be done by way of enforcement of the Contempt of Court order.

One good thing here is that even former doubters will now be able to see that we were absolutely right to take court action, regardless of the potential cost, in order to try to secure our members’ right to privacy. While we regret that this has now failed, we did at least try, and we have since radically changed procedures to avoid a repeat of this problem in the future, as well as getting rid of the staff members behind this disgraceful act of treachery.

We have also already made a complaint to Dyfed-Powys Police and will be giving formal statements shortly to support our demand for a serious and thorough police investigation into a series of very serious potential crimes, including breaches of the Data Protection Act, theft and receipt of stolen goods, and breaches of the Human Rights Act. Unless those involved have been extremely careful to cover their tracks, they are liable to find themselves in very serious trouble - and in prison.

Although it is not normally our practice to either confirm or deny whether any individual is a member, in the case of any of those whose names have apparently been maliciously added to this list suffering any problems as a result we will gladly confirm their non-membership status.

Genuine members who are concerned over possible problems that could arise may like to note that even the leftist bigots of the General Teaching Council accepted openly at Adam Walker’s disciplinary hearing yesterday that he had every right to be a teacher and a member of the British National Party. The fire service has already accepted the same point.

While the GTC’s use of a technical infringement of a rule that Adam had never been told about is obviously motivated by political malice, the fact remains that police officers and prison warders are the only people whose jobs involve a specific (and probably illegal) ban on them being members and candidates as long as they do not bring their politics into the workplace.

The recent Equality Act makes it clear that discrimination against an individual on political grounds constitutes a breach of contractual employment law. In the highly unlikely event of any individual one of our many thousands of members being ‘exposed’ to their employers and suffering discrimination as a result, a substantial compensation pay-out will be on the cards.

We would recommend very strongly that anyone who believes this might become as issue for them joins the independent nationalist trade union Solidarity straight away. While leftist unions will turn their backs on - or even demand the persecution of - BNP members, Solidarity has already built up a great record of fighting and winning cases for its members. The time when our opponents could bully our people with impunity are now over, but our opponents haven’t quite cottoned on to this yet.

The timing and actual aim of this leak story is blatant: It was set running on Sunday evening, when the clique who co-ordinate virtually all anti-BNP campaigns would have been confident that the following day’s kangaroo court at the General Teaching Council would take away from Adam Walker his right to teach.

Had that been the result, the verdict would have been a big news story, which would have set things up perfectly for the follow-up publicity storm about thousands of BNP members being ‘exposed’ which would have broken over the rest of the week. Without a single person on the leaked list being persecuted purely for their views (because to do so is illegal), the public would have been left with the impression that the two stories were connected and that all of them would be hounded out like Adam was supposed to be on Monday.

Thanks to the shock legal victory by Adam Walker’s Solidarity union rep Pat Harrington, however, the GTC has, as has already been noted, been forced to confirm that there is no chance of him or anyone else being sacked for their political views or active involvement. So the leaked list story is going to fail to achieve anything except a fresh burst of great credibility publicity for the BNP.

It is also important for anyone who is a bit concerned to understand that there is nothing new here and that today’s news does not in fact reflect any real threat against any patriot. Thanks to the treachery of the now long-dissipated Searchlight-linked rebel faction, the entire list has not only already been bombarded with lie-filled anti-BNP propaganda, but it has also without doubt been available to the far-left for the best part of a year already.

Fortunately, however, the laws brought in to prevent animal rights extremists from harassing their opponents also serve as a huge deterrent to the use of such information to harass our members.

It is to be expected that the press will trawl the list for a nationwide version of the story which broke in the Guardian when their undercover journalist Ian Cobain provided them with details of BNP members in London back in December 2006.

At the time this led to a huge fuss not only about lead English Ballet dancer Simone Clarke, but also a member of staff at Buckingham Palace, medical practitioners, City high-flyers and other figures of note.

Once all the fuss had died down, not one of them had lost their job or suffered any other problem other than the worry to which they were unfairly subjected.

The story did, however, greatly aid our credibility and helped to break down the older image of the BNP as a party mainly for the northern working class. In the end, all such attempts to bully and intimidate our people blow up in the faces of our opponents. You can reassure any members who do come to you to express concern that this time won’t be any different.

Seasoned observers and switched-on members will recognise a clear pattern: Every December there’s a big push to try to put people off the huge ‘spike’ of members who are due to renew at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Two years ago it was the Guardian infiltration leak, which blew up in their faces. Exactly a year ago, six months before the GLA election, there was a desperate attempt to destabilise the party and to hit our election war-chest by frightening people away - it failed and we made the big London Assembly breakthrough.

And this December, just six months before the proportional representation European Parliamentary elections give us the chance for a gigantic leap into the mainstream big-time, we get another leak intended to frighten the faint-hearted.

It was absolutely obvious that the sensational BNP by-election victory in Boston at the end of last week would spark a desperate reaction from the Establishment and their ‘plausibly deniable’ far-left allies. We effectively hoovered up the entire UKIP vote in that contest - in the area where they got their best result in the entire country in the last European elections.

This latest attack is not really directed against our own people, who are already tough-minded and know that nothing ever comes of this sort of bluster, so much as against the thousands of UKIPers who are thinking of joining us. It probably will frighten some of them, but it’s water off a duck’s back to the stout-hearts of the British National Party. Let’s enjoy the publicity bonus!"

- Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Update -a very poorly local activist

In October, we reported that Jeff, one of our Blaby District activists, had been taken ill. His wife has now let us know that Jeff is very, very ill indeed; the outlook is not good. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts at this sad time.

Jeff's wife has now read the cards and messages from all of us and wishes everyone to know that she thanks you for them, and found them very moving.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Congratulations, Councillor David Owens!

Congratulations to David Owens, who yesterday easily beat all other Parties in Fenside ward, Boston to become our new borough councillor in Lincolnshire. His share of the vote outstripped all those of Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP combined.

Cllr. Wayne McDermot, the BNP's East Midlands Election Officer, who managed the campaign said:

"The BNP campaign was fought on national issues, and on immigration in particular.

"There are two important implications in this result; the first is that there are a large number of similar wards in and around Boston, in which this result could easily be replicated. Boston therefore has the potential to become a key area for the BNP.

"The other important factor is the total collapse of UKIP. In the 2004 Euro elections, Lincolnshire was one of the strongest areas to come out for UKIP, and it is clear that the BNP has now surpassed that group as the premier anti-EU party of choice for those voters."

Councillor David Owens

Full Result:

BNP 279

Boston Bypass Independant 141

Conservative 119

Labour 69


Lib Dem 23

Video from the Boston Standard

Markfield, Stanton and Fieldhead by-election results

The result of the by-election for this ward is as follows:

Con 637
Lab 521
Lib Dem 390
BNP 263 14.5%

41% Turnout

This was a hard-fought campaign and we thank all our activists who took part, and also the discerning people of Markfield who voted BNP. We shall be building on this result in the future. It is interesting to note that although they put out 16 leaflets, the Lib Dems still only managed a third place!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Racism Cuts Both Ways!

The British National Party has launched a ground-breaking campaign to expose the true scale and nature of the anti-British racism engulfing our community.

Via a full-colour brochure which will be sent out to elected representatives, young people, TV and radio stations, and many other opinion-formers across the country, it will send a clear message that we, the indigenous people of Britain, will not be silenced.

This brochure contains shocking facts and images which will upset many who are seeing them for the first time. But they must be published, the truth must be told. When you receive a copy, please take the time to read it carefully; if you wish to download a pdf version, and/or donate to the campaign, you can do that by going to our main site: HERE

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

At the Eleventh hour...

of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month:

We will remember them

When you go Home
Tell Them of us and say
For your Tomorrow
We gave our Today

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Day at Coalville

11 members of BNP Leicestershire Branch joined fellow members from North West Leicestershire to honour and remember the fallen at Coalville on Sunday. There were 23 of us in all, including one young member who had come from Yorkshire.

Some local BNP members joined the large congregation for the the service at Christ Church first, while outside a growing crowd filled London Road. After the service the Parade assembled and, walking behind the band, the Royal British Legion and several units of smart young cadets, we made our way to the War Memorial. On either side, the road was thronged with people come to pay their respects on this cold, wet morning.

By the time we reached the Memorial, the Parade and crowd numbered around 3,000, many of whom were youngsters and small children; each year, the numbers at Coalville increase, a testament to the local peoples' patriotism and desire never to forget our fallen and injured heroes from all wars.

The thoughtful and moving service was conducted by Reverend Joss; after the 2 minutes silence at 11 o'clock, the wreath-laying commenced. Mike Robinson, Leicestershire's Deputy Organiser and an ex-member of HM Armed Forces, laid our wreath on behalf of the British National Party.

After the ceremony, our members gathered with townsfolk at a local pub, to warm up and share our thoughts of the morning's events.

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going downof the sun, and in the morning,
We will remember them"

6 members of BNP Leicestershire, pictured in front of Coalville's War Memorial

Mike Robinson, Leicestershire's Deputy Organiser, holding our BNP wreath

Some poppy stories to ponder:

Last Friday, thieves broke in and stole charity boxes, 2 of which were for the Poppy Appeal, from a beauty salon in Melton.(LM, November 7th.)

Managers at Leicester's new Highcross shopping centre asked a WW11 hero to sell poppies outside in the freezing cold. They later developed a conscience and invited him in, but the veteran declined. (from The Sun)

Another veteran poppy seller had all his Appeal takings stolen in Leicester city centre. After this news was broadcast, he was flooded with donations for the Appeal by members of the public who were outraged by this cowardly attack.

A gang (from the West Midlands) was caught operating an illegal gambling game in Leicester city centre, but they didn't profit from it because the police officers who caught them handed the money to the nearest poppy seller. (LM, November 6th.)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tesco to axe 65 Depot jobs in Hinckley

65 workers at Tesco are to lose their jobs in the next couple of weeks as redundancies have been announced. Nothing new in this current climate we face, even though Tesco are now looking at the Christmas rush and profits continue to be huge.

What is shocking is that Tesco are setting on extra agency staff at the same time. Disgruntled workers are angry that these agency workers are from the EU and most of them cannot even speak English. Yet again Big Business puts profits first; we in the BNP would get us out of Europe and stop this unhealthy import of EU workers who are able to work for much less money. Only by getting us out of the EU can we then take control of our borders again and put British Workers First.

Following an article in the Hinckley Times concerning the redundances, but not giving the whole story, a letter was published in that paper from someone who evidently has now borne the brunt of Tesco's tactics. Here is a transcript of that letter:

"I read the article about Tesco (HT October 16th) and it has compelled me to write confirming that 65 people who will be redundant by November 7th are to be replaced by agency workers whose training will commence on October 20th.
The problem with this is, agency workers in the past have been given Tesco contracts and we think that the company is using this redundancy to push us out and install more workers from the EU.
The pick rates are set up by people on the computers, so why on earth should the British workers be discriminated against and have more than one item on their pallets, and the agency workers, most of whom cannot read or even speak English, have only one item so they do not get it wrong, and look like they are working harder!"

- A Very Disgruntled British Tesco Worker

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Remembrance Day, Sunday 9th. November

"Your officers in Leicestershire, and NW Leicestershire BNP would remind ALL members/friends that next Sunday (9th Nov.) is "Remembrance Day", exactly 90 years since the guns ceased firing on the "Western Front". Well over a million of our people, guys AND girls, have died wearing HM uniform since August 1914. We, the living, owe it to them that this supreme sacrifice is not - ever- forgotten.

Charnwood members will no doubt meet for the Loughborough service, likewise the Melton Mowbray people in Melton. The rest of us, Leicestershire, and NW Leicester branches, will once again join the throng on London Road, Coalville around 1000-1015 am.

Shortly afterwards, the whole gathering moves in procession along London Road to the Coalville War Memorial where, after a short service, the wreaths are laid. BNP ALWAYS takes a full part in all this, so make sure you (and yours) are there please! Dress smartly please, as we always try to be the `smartest guys on parade': you don`t want to be mistaken for one of those scruffy socialists, do you ?
PS Dress warmly, too, as Coalville could easily have been called COLDville!"

-Mike Robinson, Leics. Dep. Organiser


In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields

Friday, 31 October 2008

Leafletting progress in Markfield

Leicestershire BNP are to contest a by-election on Thursday, November 13th; the ward is Markfield, Stanton and Field Head for Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. Our teams of activists have been working hard in the area; to date, 3 sets of leaflets have been delivered to all households.

Our presence in the village has been very well received, with residents coming out to greet us, shake hands, and/or make enquiries about joining the BNP. One local couple thanked our members for: "turning up in our area at last!"

Well, we are here and we wish to thank the residents of this pretty and friendly village for their welcome towards us over the last few weeks. By voting in a BNP councillor, they can add their voices to the rapidly growing numbers of people around the country who are dissatisfied with the LibLabCon Party’s mismanagement.

The BNP candidate in this by-election is COLIN GILMORE. Colin is married, with 2 children and was born and bred in Leicester. He now lives locally, in Ratby. His interests are conservation and supporting and sponsoring local sport. An ex-Conservative, Colin joined the BNP when he found that neither the Tories, nor the other 2 main parties represented the man and woman in the street.

He believes that it is the British National Party, and only the British National Party, who have the policies and the will to regenerate Britain for further generations.

Together with BNP councillors in North West Leicestershire, Colin vows to fight to stop the building of the toxic incinerator in the local area.

Colin is a Financial Consultant, so is well placed to keep council spending under scrutiny, thus ensuring that residents’ hard-earned taxes are not wasted, and local issues are vigorously pursued.

We all send Colin our very best wishes for a great result. Good luck, Colin!

Saturday, 25 October 2008


The British National Party were right all the time. That is the message from Liebour’s immigration minister, Phil Woolas.

His announcement that immigration would be capped “to protect British jobs” is straight from the BNP manifesto.

But, what is the reality?

The Treaty of Lisbon supported by the three main parties specifically forbids this country from discriminating against non-British nationals entering, living in and working in this country.

So, in fact this is just another tissue of Liebour lies, to stave off the growing support for the BNP.

There is nothing new in promises to cap immigration.

“Stricter control of entry help immigrants to rejoin their families in their countries of origin” - an excerpt from the CONservative Party manifesto “Action not Words” in 1966.

Just look around you and see if they have delivered on these promises.

Lies, Lies and more Lies.

The right to withdraw your child from RE

Parents have the statutory right under Section 71 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (shown
below) to withdraw their children from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship at all maintained schools,
including faith schools. Sadly, less than 1% of parents exercise this right; and most of them are Muslims,
unhappy at their children being taught about other faiths.

Specimen letter to head teacher:

Dear Head Teacher
As the parents of XXXXXX, we are writing formally to give notice that we are requesting [him/her] being withdrawn from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship at your school with immediate effect in accordance with Section 71 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.
You are doubtless aware that the right to withdraw children from RE lessons and religious worship in schools is unconditional and can even be exercised in schools that are religious in nature.

I am confident that I can count on you to take all necessary action to ensure that this formal request is complied with, but emphasize that I wish my child to continue to attend assembly except for the Collective Worship element.

I am sure I can count on you to ensure that this request will not result in XXXX being treated by staff in any disadvantageous way. I only mention this as is not unknown for such requests to be met with the child being excluded from the whole of assembly or, while withdrawn from RE, to be allocated
some menial task.
Clearly, such victimization would be completely unacceptable.

[I would however be grateful were the school to make arrangements for alternative lessons to be given to my child during the time when they would have been attending RE lessons and, if their length warrants it, acts
of Collective Worship.
If alternative lessons are not provided, we ask that our child be given the opportunity for private study during the time withdrawn.]

As you know, there is no requirement for us to give any explanation for our decision, nor do we wish to do so. The decision we have made is final and we are not prepared to enter into any further negotiations on the matter, save, perhaps, over the practical details of implementation. If you wish to raise any questions of this nature, we would prefer them to be made in writing.

Yours faithfully

(The above passage in parentheses may be omitted as being over-ambitious as, in practice; it is likely that the child will be asked to sit in with another class.)

Withdrawing your child from RE (pdf)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Government aid -but not for us

Our government can't afford to spend money on sea defences, on keeping village schools open, on medicines for cancer or on sufficient flood defences.

People who were flooded out of their homes last summer are still living in caravans with their families. Villages are falling into the sea. People are paying for medication privately. Mums are setting up their own schools because schooling for their children's needs is not available.

Some months you or I may be able to donate money to a homeless charity, a fund raising event or a gift for a special occasion. We wouldn't do those things so freely if that month we had too many bills, or were actually in debt.

Our government doesn't think like us. They give loads of money away even though they are in debt and even though there are things which need paying for here at home.

On this site I found that our government spent, in the year 2006 to 2007:
* £2.4 million to help the Caribbean islands weather the storms of climate change
* £150 million to get all Indian children into primary school
* £1 billion increase in spending on education in Africa
* £5 million to Zimbabwe for medicines and medical supplies
* £434 thousand for flood victims in Ghana
It's good to give help to others who are in need. You don't do it if your own family also need that money or are in debt.

There were 1119 entries on that dfid site. Entries showing how much our government gives away, of our money, which they take by compulsory tax then choose to send overseas.
* £35 million to Afghanistan [we are giving them £500 million over three years]
* £9 million this year, £18 million by 2010 aid to Burma

By the way, on 19 November 2007 it was World toilet day.
* £1.5 million to Tajikistan
* £1.2 million to Fairtrade over two years
* £2 million to help to increase the UK market for sustainably produced food from

* We fund a soap opera in South Africa
* £7 million for tax reform in Bangladesh
* £3 million to support small businesses in Occupied Palestinian Territories
* £5.5 million for football tournaments and farm visits etc in developing

The UK's Gross Public Expenditure on development in 06/07 was
7,487 million pounds - of our tax.

On the site, link they ask for your views.

- Helen C.

Monday, 20 October 2008

A Get Well Soon message

Having heard today that one of our Blaby activists is seriously ill in a Nottingham hospital, we feel sure that all members and friends will wish him a speedy recovery as well as conveying our sympathy to his wife and family at this anxious time.

Let's hope that Jeff will soon be out there again,'out on the knocker' with the rest of us.

-Mike Robinson

On behalf of Jeff and his family, we would like to thank those who have sent their good wishes. If you would like to leave a message, you can do so via 'comments'. I will upload messages from other sources here.


"Good luck and get well soon" from 'yabbadabbagoo', Folkstone, Kent
"Best wishes for a speedy recovery" from 'british', Leicester.
"Wishing Jeff and family
the very best" from 'The Thin Red Line', Black Country BNP.
"Get well soon, shame for any activist to fall ill" from Peter, Liverpool BNP.
"Is he OK, I live in Nottingham and can visit" from Edward, Nottinghamshire.
"Hope to leaflet with you soon; Cheers." from Geoff, Leicester BNP Organiser.
"Fingers crossed for a good result and speedy recovery" from Chris Vanns and family, Burnley
"Best wishes, get well soon" from Sue, Countesthorpe.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Labour hitting people when they're down - District heating up 76% next week

With all the effects of the credit crunch hitting us all the Labour party in Leicester has decided to turn the screw further on residents in St. Matthews, St. Peters, St. Andrews and New Parks. Council Tenants in the Aikman Avenue flats in New Parks, where the BNP candidate Melanie Hemmings narrowly missed out on winning a seat in 2007 are up in arms.

We have been contacted today by several tenants to tell us of their anger after receiving a letter from the Labour run city council increasing their district heating bill from £12.33 per week to a staggering £21.72 per week - YES, an increase of 76%! An extra £488.28 per year for something you cant even reduce as district heating is a set cost no matter how much you use it.

Many tenants in New Parks are unemployed and amongst the most deprived in Leicester, so this will come as a further body blow to them all. This payment is simply for the heating and hot water, the residents also have to pay water rates on top of this.

These changes will hit council tenants on the 10th November

"Merry Christmas, lots of love from the Labour Party" one resident put it; but the knowledge that Leicester City Council are happy to spend £58,000 on out-of-hours Muslim burials may dent even this gentleman's wry sense of humour. Which staggering amount (pandering to religious choice) eclipses the £7,000 it cost to send a party of council officials, headed by Ross Wilmott, on a jolly to Nicaragua and Guatamala, but at least the Leicester residents hit by an over the top increase in their fuel bills a few short weeks before Christmas can see where the Council's priorities lie. And it's not with the most deprived in the city.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Leicestershire Branch meeting; September

Minutes of BNP Branch Meeting.

The meeting was opened and chaired by John Ryde. Approx 48 people attended.
Minutes of last meeting were read and agreed.

Organiser's report: Geoff Dickens

We are the wealthiest and largest region in the country. Leicester alone has 3 leafletting teams going out regularly. There are 20 thousand pounds in the Peacock club. In Melton we polled 32 and a half percent, up 4%. In Charnwood we are contesting a by election and aiming for at least 10%; the same in Markfield and Barwell.
At the Louth meeting they shipped in police from Boston because the Reds said they were coming, but didn't. For the Derby meeting they were told by the police that the UAF were coming to the redirection point. Some did come and the police did their job very well.

Press and elections report: John Ryde

We're getting more coverage nationally. There's a by-election in Markfield because a councillor resigned - he'd only attended four out of the 28 meetings and claimed £3000 in expenses. In Barwell the Liberal candidate also has a poor attendance record so may resign.

First Speaker

David Hannam, the Deputy Treasurer of the BNP, told us first that our Party has submitted our accounts to the Electoral Commission on time and has been given a clean bill of health, but with some recommendations. The Commission wondered how we come to have so many small donations when other parties have fewer larger ones, and were shown the thousands of people who donate small amounts. He went on to tell us how the recession is going to affect our freedoms. He said that the freedom to choose is freedom, and we needed to have enough money to have the freedom to choose. In a declining society the worker is hit, and in a prosperous society the worker is also hit because as monopolies are created there is less demand for workers, and so we will be losing our jobs and prices will be higher. People won't have the money to choose to take their family out, or to choose to buy things, so will feel that they have lost their freedom. Then they will try to express their freedom of choice politically. When we come to a BNP meeting we are stating our freedom to choose politically.
The time for the BNP is here, he said, and asked us to support our branch till it hurt, by giving money and leafleting. The Electoral Commission have said that it's time for the BNP to grow; we've got one chance and it's now. Please help.

15 minute interval

The chair, John Ryde told us about the previous Saturday when many members went to Stoke on Trent to leaflet about the Keith Brown murder, and put out 50,000 leaflets in 3 hours. The next Saturday we would be leafleting in Heanor and villages around the Red White and Blue site, and he asked for help with that.

Second speaker
Councillor Mark Burke, The deputy South East regional Organiser told us that in the South East region, stretching from Warwick down to Southampton, the more affluent people at his parish meetings don't see any need for political change, so long as nothing nasty is built in their back yard, although he said that they needed to learn from us as we are good at gaining new members. Although, Mark said we may not be pleased with the press, because of their treatment of us, don't put them off. We need them on our side. Befriend any that you can.

Raffle drawn, took £69.00.
Collection including teas, £316.78.
The meeting closed at 4.40 with Jerusalem.

The next meeting was announced as 6th December.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Keith Vaz - more dirty doings

Back in July, we reported on the Keith Vaz/peerages question and here we are again, only two months later, being faced with yet another scandal concerning the Leicester East MP.

This time Vaz has infuriated a judge by intervening in a court case involving a dubious solicitor friend, Shahrokh Mireskandari, who was about to lose an expensive legal battle until Vaz stepped in. Lo and behold, Mireskandari is the person handling the claims made by Ali Disaei and others of racism in the Met. Police Force. There are doubts that Mireskandari is even a bone-fide solictor, and is anyway a convicted fraudster. Anyone reading about this shady person, and the multiple race claims would be forgiven for thinking: "Scam!". The truth will eventually out on that affair, but in the meantime Vaz has been well and truly caught in some very shady dabbling. Once again, we ask (a bit louder this time) that Keith Vaz resign and allow the people of Leicester East to elect someone who's actions smell sweeter than the stuff that the neighbourhood mongrel no doubt deposits outside the present incumbent's front gate.

So,let's recapture some memories of Keith Vaz's career:

1989: Vaz led a protest by 3,000 muslim demonstrators, calling for Salman Rushdie's book, The Satanic Verses to be withdrawn while defending the rights of minorities to have their say.

Once an Arch-Eurosceptic, he denounced those in his Party critical of the European Union.

An outspoken advocate of 'black sections' within the Labour party - but after winning Leicester East, a seat with some 16,000 non-white voters at the time, he turned against black sections on entering Parliament.

2000: He was embroiled in the Hinduja brothers affair over his role in their passport applications. He failed to co-operate fully with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Elizabeth Filkin. There were 28 allegations, only one of which he was censured for: that of accepting £4,500 from solicitor, Sarosh Zaiwalla -who he recommended for a knighthood some years later!

Another allegation from the Filkin enquiry concerned his ownership of 5 properties, only 3 of which he declared. Coincidently, he transferred ownership of one of those properties to his mother only 8 days after Filkin had requested details!

2001: Vaz was embroiled in the Nadhi Auchi scandal when he helped the Iraqi-born billionaire to avoid extradition. Vaz had been a Director of the British arm of Auchi's corporation, yet denied any official meetings with the businessman. Even so, he was spotted in Auchi's Bentley outside the latter's London home.

July, 2008: Rumours were rife that Vaz had been offered a peerage or honour as a reward for backing the measure to hold terror suspects for 42 days. He had previously been opposed to the plans but later gave it his full backing. Vaz did not outright deny the possibility that such would be his reward (Geoff Hoon certainly thought he merited one, as his private letter to Vaz showed).

The Guardian called Keith Vaz: "double-jointed; the most ambitious and flexible of politicians". Rather an understatement; we believe that Leicester East deserves better than this. Keith Vaz: just GO, please.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Leicestershire BNP attend Stoke Day of Action

Leicestershire members travelled to Stoke to join about 400 from all over Great Britain on Saturday to leaflet and attend the Stoke Day of Action Rally.

We arrived early at our meeting point and were soon joined by carloads of others from across the East Midlands.The organisers, who did a fantastic job, split us into groups to leaflet the area. Each group was led by local BNP activists; our leaders were Kirsty and John, and we send our greetings and thanks to them for organising the leafletting session. Bearing in mind that we were strangers to the town, they did very well in marshalling their flock!

Our presence was very well received by the good people of Stoke who made it obvious by their comments that they approved of the BNP, and the reasons for our action on Saturday. Very proud also, to see our Truth Truck driving around the town, we spotted it 3 times in our area alone.

After leafletting, we repaired to a delightful pub on the outskirts for a well-earned lunch and drink with other friends from the region. There, we waited until it was time to make our way to the Rally, the destination being kept under wraps until this point so that the ever-violent reds did not disrupt it.

Arriving at the Rally, we found activists converging from all parts of Stoke; many were already there, proudly holding aloft Union Flags, along with those of St. George, Scotland, Wales, the White Dragon of Wessex and the 3 Lions of England. We joined them on a bank overlooking the main road, beside the banners calling for "Justice for Keith Brown". We held placards representing The Christian Council of Britain, which remind us of the Christian values of our land (one of the Commandments, enshrined in our law is "Thou shall not kill").

As we stood there, it was amazing to hear so many cars tooting their horns for us as they passed, with drivers waving out of their windows and giving us the thumbs up. Thank you, people of Stoke; our cheers were for all of you.

It was noticeable how few police were on duty at the rally, compared with their presence at the Leeds trial. They know that we in the BNP do not cause trouble; in fact, it was announced later that the local police had commended us on our impeccable behaviour. Contrast that with the reports of violence and vandalism in Hanley centre perpetrated by the disgraceful types protesting against our rally -and thus, their abhorrence of unbiased justice for true Britons. Thanks go to the Stoke police, and we hope that none of you were harmed by those people, as the Derbyshire police were by reds at the RWB.

BNP security do a wonderful job, as we know, but some special words of praise go to our own EM security lads, Lee, Adie, and Sean. They identified a carful of reds, with a few others shuffling along, trying to enter the Rally site. Our lads stopped them before they could get very far (and harm us), politely but firmly turning them out. Well done,lads!

Came the time for us all to make our way to the Truth Truck, where 2 Stoke Councillors, Simon Darby and Nick Griffin gave moving speeches. As they described the troubles Keith and his family endured, and the circumstances of Keith's murder, there were cries of "Shame!" and "A disgrace!" directed against the system which let Keith down so badly. Stoke will remember this day, and the reasons for it, for a very long time. Leicestershire BNP were proud to represent our County at this important event.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

New RWB 2008 DVD

You can now buy copies of our new DVD, celebrating this year's Red, White & Blue Festival, preview below.

Copies are available to buy at £5.00 each.
If you would like a copy posting to you, please send a £6.00 (inc. £1 P&P) cheque (payable to British National Party) to:
PO Box 9128,
LE17 9DD

Monday, 15 September 2008

Britain's first sharia court

Last Friday (September 12th) an article appeared in the Leicester Mercury proclaiming that the first Islamic sharia court is operating in Leicestershire. The extent of this departure from British law was also covered in a Times article Here

Some people may feel that because there is a precedent in that there are already Jewish Beth Din courts operating in Britain, that this a natural extension for muslims living here. For others, alarm bells ring and see this as yet another thin end of the wedge to gradually bring in full Islamic law.

We note that Sughra Ahmed is from the Islamic Foundation in Leicester. This organisation was founded in 1973 by Khurshid Ahmad, a senior figure in Jamaat-i-Islami. It is an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain.
Mohammed Siddique Siddon is, or was, a Research Fellow of the Foundation. The attached bookstore promotes works of Islamist fundamentalists Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb. Those who have read Ed Hussein's book, The Islamist will hear very loud alarm bells now; so Leicestershire BNP would like to know rather more about Miss Ahmad's credentials.

Suleman Nagdi is the spokesman for the Leicestershire Federation of Muslim Organisations. At the moment, he is objecting to a proposed ban on the disgusting culture of halal killing. Well, he would.

It's just a thought, but doesn't the Federation of Muslim Organisations sound similar to the Federation of Islamic Organisation in Europe?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Stoke Day of Action, 20th September

A message from Geoff Dickens:

We need to know numbers travelling to Stoke in order to arrange transport, or if you are preparing to drive. Can you give lifts/need a lift? Alternately, if enough people wish to go, it might be worth hiring a mini-bus.

If you're planning to go would you please contact Geoff on 07795000676 so that he can coordinate arrangements. Planned departure time is between 9-10am.

For other Leicestershire groups (Melton, Charnwood, NW Leicestershire) please contact your Organisers.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Leafletting -can you help?

A respected senior member of Leicester BNP who is a staunch activist is appealing for help in leafletting in the Blaby area. He has already put out 500 leaflets on his own, but with extra hands to the wheel the job can be done so much quicker and make a bigger impact.

The area in question is a very good one for us, and the percentages of votes in previous elections have increased each time. In the run-up to the Euro elections, let's keep the momentum going!

If you can help, please ring Mike on 01455273965.
He is prepared to work to any daytime schedule that suits you, and doesn't normally leaflet for more than 2hours.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Promises and Reality

It is just over 12 months since the formidable, blue-rinsed Tory ladies and their elegantly dressed, moisturised, smugly grinning, smooth male counterparts made their 4-yearly appearances, canvassing and leafletting for their positions on local Borough councils.

They grandly assured all those prepared to listen that they, and they alone, held the key to all local problems and promised that they would work harder than anyone else, listen more, and give you value for money councillors.

Their glossy, professionally PR designed leaflets oozed unctuous, election-winning promises as they fought snout and trotter for a place at the trough.

Twelve months later the reality starts to emerge, typically expressed in the councils' returns of attendances and expense claims.

A prime example can be seen in the Hinckley & Bosworth area, where Jon Cort attended only 4 out of his 28 scheduled meetings (14.29%), claiming £2949.30 in the process. The cost to local taxpayers was £737 for every meeting he attended. Not quite the value for money that they promised.

When approached by the local media he was unavailable for comment; however, perhaps the most enlightened (and damning) comment came from Cllr. Adrian Smith (Lib Dem) with 56% attendance who said "Those figures are a little bit misleading -unfortunately, when you run you don't realize how many meetings there are." He pathetically concludes: "Hopefully, it should get better".

So there we have it: they don't even know what being a councillor involves, apart from claiming expenses.

The impact these wastes of space have on improving local services is negligible - we need to campaign for their resignations

We also need to run a national campaign to find Britain's worst councillor. Can anyone beat 14.29% and £737 per meeting at district level? Let's name them and shame them.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Councillor Wayne McDermott

All members of Leicestershire Branch would like to congratulate Wayne McDermott on his election on to Ellistown Parish Council.

Wayne works tirelessly for the Party as the East Midlands Election Officer which makes his success so special. He actually won the two-seat vacancy by-election with 260 votes which was 31.3% of the votes cast. The Lib-Dems came bottom of the poll with just 71 votes finishing behind two Independent candidates. The Lib-Dems had put out THREE anti-BNP smear leaflets against Wayne and brought in Labour Party bullyboys to help deliver them.

The smear leaflets backfired though and Wayne was duly elected to serve his community in North West Leicestershire.

Well done Wayne a success truly deserved!

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Muslim burials that YOU help pay for

A resident of Leicester forwarded the following to us.

"Concerned Leicester Citizen"

"This page is published by a concerned Leicester Citizen, he has seen a rise and spread of Islam within the city.

Why does the Muslim Burial Council of Leicester receive a massive grant for "out of hours burials"? If I (or indeed any "Kuffir") die on a bank holiday or at weekend I have to wait to be buried!"

The document shown is a reply from Leicester City Council to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. (Click on the image to enlarge).

Leicestershire BNP strongly object to Leicester's council tax payers subsidising one particular section of the community on religious grounds; this is not cohesion, nor does it help "interfaith", unless other religious denominations in the city receive similar grants towards burials?. If not, it will breed justified resentment and be seen as positive discrimination against Christians, and other faiths, who are entitled to equal treatment as tax-payers.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Spotlight on Councillor Paul Preston

Paul, a BNP Parish Councillor, ran a car-boot sale fundraiser earlier this month. He has sent a message to all involved;

" I wish to thank people for their donations, and report that £57 was raised for the Party at the first time out, and hopefully there will be another sometime in September.

Thanks, Paul."

Well done to Paul! He has now confirmed that he is holding another Boot sale on 6th September and is asking for 2 volunteers to help him man the stall. If you'd like to help, please ring him on 01162395090. Proceeds will go towards Party funds.

Spotlight on Cllr. Paul Preston

Paul was born in 1948 and has lived in Leicester Forest East for 18 years. Married for 20 years, he has 2 children and 5 grandchildren. He is interested in astro & quantum physics/mechanics and enjoys the theatre, takes part in amateur dramatics and likes to relax with a traditional game of dominoes at his local. He follows Leicester City, and loves to play soccer with his grandchildren.
Paul told us more about himself:

"I was born in Leicester and attended state schools. I left at 15 to serve a 5 year indentured Apprenticeship in engineering and qualified as a C&G MECP 1&2 Tool/model maker and special purpose Machine Designer and Project Engineer.

In 1982, I started my own business, and in 1998 qualified C&G 2&3 dimential Computer-aided Design, became a Tutor at South Leicestershire College and gained my teaching qualifications.

I am a Project Manager for a charity-run organisation to help people with disabilities into work, or training, specialising in mental health.

I joined the BNP in 2005 as an activist and stood as a Candidate in the local elections in the Forest in 2006. In 2007,I was elected to the LFE Parish council and have been elected to other councils and committees in the area. I have actively campaigned against the Human Rights Act and stand for the rights of our people; at an interview on Radio Leicester I said: " Would we have to supply igloos to Eskimos if they wanted to live here?"

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Pictures from the Red, White and Blue

The first two photos show our Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, manning our stall. "A Taste of Leicestershire" has become a tradition and Festival-goers look forward to this free treat of our local fare. Intriguing Stilton varieties (blue, cranberry, apricot, chilli, blueberry) were all popular, along with Red Leicester.

Freshly baked Melton pork pies were also available to try -we soon ran out of these, and promise to bring more next year! All of these items are made by small Leicestershire firms, which we support wholeheartedly.

We also offered luscious Victoria plums; these were hand-picked early each morning by Geoff from his own tree -we understand that this operation was watched curiously by 2 baby woodpigeons who have taken up temporary residence in the plum tree!

It was obvious that there was a great increase in the numbers attending the RWB this time as the food disappeared much more quickly than previous years and we thank you all for your donations to the food-tasting, which enabled us to cover costs. We regret that we couldn't offer beer other than that FREE to Leicestershire activists, courtesy of a local brewery this year, but happily everyone respected and abided by the rules.

Also available on the stall were garments, leather belts, plants, and limited edition model Walker's Crisps vans.

This picture shows the fairground; it is run by a local Leicestershire family

2 pictures of the BNP's new Truth Truck, which was unveiled at the RWB on Sunday, to the delight of the members, their families and friends.

Not Leicestershire, but worthy of mention; London is running a "Mothers against knifes" campaign and we hope that you all signed their petition at the weekend.

2 pictures of the Regional marquees. Leicestershire Branch was included in the large East Midlands one.
The East Midlands were runners-up in the Best Regional Tent competition, coming second to the North West...we'll be back next year, going for first place!

'Tony Blair' and 'Osama bin Laden' were pelted with wet sponges while being confined to the village stocks outside the East Midlands tent -courtesy of Melton BNP!

Memorial Corner. A very moving tribute to the white victims of race crime. Each cross carried a portrait, and we were invited to light a candle to place beside them.

We wish to thank the organisers and everyone involved in making this year's RWB such a resounding success.

Pictures courtesy of 'Leicester Boy'

Monday, 11 August 2008

Update on the 100 mile cycle ride

Hello All

As you all may recall last Month Maurice Collett made the 100 mile cycle to Skegness from Leicestershire as a euro fundraiser for the region. The target was to make this the biggest ever fund raiser for the region. He is only £200 short of his target. Whilst I know many of us have already given to this fund raiser, I would like to ask you all to please try and gain a few extra pound each. This would take us to a record breaking sum.

The hard work put in by Maurice and his co riders to achieve this feat deserves recording breaking status he has done his bit we need to do ours.

We will be taking donations at the East Midlands stall at the RWB or you can post them direct to our regional PO Box.

PO Box 8816 Coalville LE67 0BR


Wayne McDermott

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Thank you, UAF!

Well done to the Leicestershire members and supporters who will be travelling to the RWB courtesy of UAF. If you recognise another member on the bus, please do not acknowledge them but wait for the fun to start and then enjoy!

Dress code: Scruffy.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

EGM &Constitution Proposals please read

The following is a message from BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin. We ask that you read it carefully, in order to make up your own mind on the Proposals and the reasons for them:

>"Dear Colleague,

> As discussed in the last British Nationalist bulletin, the full text of
> the proposed changes to the party Constitution have now been published in
> full on the BNP website. These have been posted prominently on the
> Featured Articles section, which means that they will stay there in full
> view from now until the meeting. They are also being sent to you now at
> the bottom of this email, so that you can study them for yourself and pass
> them on to others.They will also be on display at the RWB itself.

> The full current Constitution is also online (linked in the article
> itself) so that you and your members can compare the two and see the
> changes in full context.

> Predictably, all the usual suspects - Lancaster UAF, the false flag
> 'nationalist' blogs run by Searchlight, the neo-Nazi cranks and various
> air-headed Tory types - are working themselves into hysteria about these
> changes, which they portray - in typical contradictory terms - as either
> 'dictatorial' or 'weak'. But rather than merely deciding to vote FOR
> anything that their unholy anti-BNP alliance opposes, you are asked to
> take a few minutes to study the proposals for yourself.

> As you will see, the biggest change proposed by the four motions is
> related to future leadership elections. These proposals arose partly as a
> result of concern by very large numbers of local officials who were sick and tired
> of having to reassure good-hearted but less experienced
> activists that the Internet and media chatter about such things creating a
> 'crisis' for our party on an annual basis were wholly unfounded. At the
> same time as proposing to move forward to elections for four-year, fixed
> term leadership (starting with a compulsory leadership election next
> year), however, the proposals also fill the gap in the old Constitution,
> which leaves the arrangements for such contests purely at the discretion
> of the leader at the time.

> The new proposals for the mechanics of leadership elections, and the
> shifting of the date to the Autumn so as to get them well away from the
> usual May/June election dates, were worked out after extensive debate by a
> Constitutional revision working party appointed by the Advisory Council
> earlier this year. It is hoped that the proposed commitment to a clearly
> fair and democratic debate will not only be appreciated by our members but
> will also reinforce the party's democratic credentials to a wider
> audience.

> In addition, since the shift to a four-year term could be seen as handing
> more power to the leader (though, with only two leadership contests in the
> party's 26-year history so far, some may think that to claim so is to
> ignore reality), there is also an extremely important move to hand to the
> Annual Conference the power by a two-third majority vote in effect to pass
> a vote of 'No Confidence' in the leader and trigger a leadership contest
> in any year. It is hoped that this combination will both deny our
> opponents the opportunity to encourage and exploit rumours of annual
> contests by manipulated 'no-hope' candidates, and at the same time provide
> an important safeguard to prevent any leader, present or future, from
> trying to move beyond anything approved of by the majority of the Voting
> Members - the local officials and key activists who really make the party
> tick.
> The Voting Membership's power over major policy changes will also be
> enshrined in the new Constitution if the motion is approved. This is not
> only what has already been agreed as the right way forward, but it would
> also put an end to the endless black propaganda tales that the leadership
> are planning to let in black members or similar nonsense.
> The other particularly important change (several of them are minor,
> tidying up points) would be to allow future Constitutional amendments to
> be voted on by postal ballot. The Constitutional working party proposed
> this in order to deal with the potential problem that, when the
> Constitution was first written by John Tyndall in 1982, the entire
> membership could be fitted into a large number of meeting places. Since
> then, fortunately, a ten-fold membership growth means that, to get even a
> quarter of our membership into a meeting hall would be possible in so few
> venues that, quite apart from the huge cost involved, we would be
> extraordinarily unlikely to be able to find a venue willing to have us or
> to withstand the inevitable pressure from the far-left.
> This is why it was decided by the Advisory Council that the end of the RWB
> was the only time and place practical for the holding of such a debate and
> series of votes, and why our working party decided to propose to include
> the option of postal ballots in future.
> Not surprisingly, the usual little cliques of malcontents are all hoping
> that a natural desire to go home at the end of a busy weekend will leave
> the meeting short on officials and members with a mature attitude to
> serious organisation, and long on individuals who for one reason or
> another will be there to cause trouble or push their own personal agendas,
> rather than doing what is best for the party. We are not asking that you
> come along with your minds already made up, still less that you think in
> terms of voting in favour of the proposals automatically just because they
> are being proposed by the most successful leadership in the history of
> British nationalism. But we are asking that you make the effort to be
> there, to listen to the debate and to vote for what you genuinely think is
> best for the BNP - regardless of which way you judge that to be. And we
> ask that you also mobilise your local members to do the same.
> Let's us this opportunity not only to further strengthen the foundations
> on which the British National Party is based, but also as a way to boost
> even further the attendance at this year's Red-White-and-Blue. No doubt
> you are already aware that the Labour council and the far-left's brave
> cyber-warriors and lock-supergluers are almost hysterical in their efforts
> to stop it going ahead, or at least to put people off and cut down our
> numbers and our fun. They know that the BNP is on a roll and they are
> desperate to inflict some kind of 'defeat' on us before the gathering
> economic crisis brings the time of explosive growth that puts us way
> beyond their league forever. So please come along, preferably on Friday
> 15th so that there are so many of us and our families there that it will
> be their morale that, yet again, takes a battering. See you there!"
> Sunday 17th August 2008, 3.30 pm.
> Political Marquee, Red-White-and-Blue Field. Codnor, Derbyshire.
> Entry: Paid up current BNP members only. No charge. Current membershp card
> must be shown to gain entry.
> Motion 1
> Advisory Council
> S.5.1. Replace "the organisers of the party's four strongest regions" with
> "all Regional Organisers".
> S.5.2. replace "three times a year" with "four times a year"
> Motion 2
> Leadership Elections
> The whole of the existing Section 4 should be replaced with:
> S.4.1. Elections for the post of National Chairman shall be held every
> four years, starting in 2009. Nominations shall open on 20th July in each
> leadership election year and close at noon on 10th August. The election
> shall be held on a 'one member, one vote' basis in a secret postal ballot
> of all members paid up by 1st of July.
> S.4.2. Any member of the party may become a candidate for the post of
> National Chairman of the party provided that person has on or before the
> close of nominations is and has been a fully paid up member of the party
> for a minimum of five consecutive years, and has secured the signatures on
> his or her nomination paper of ten current Voting Members and one hundred
> members each with a minimum of 24 months continuous membership. Each
> member can only nominate one candidate.
> S.4.3. Notification of a leadership election shall be issued in the
> September issue of British Nationalist, while the October issue will
> include an A4 manifesto sheet from each candidate (designed and supplied
> by them) and a ballot paper, and will be sent by post to all members,
> including those who normally receive their bulletins electronically.
> S.4.4. A prerecorded debate between the candidates shall be publicised on
> BNPtv, a private page on the BNP website will give each candidate up to
> six sides of A4 designed by them, the party magazine shall give each
> candidate equal space to set out their ideas, and at least three hustings
> meetings will be held with equal time for each candidate in different
> parts of the country and be open to all paid up members from the areas in
> question. In the event that unavoidable external circumstances render any
> of these methods of communication impractical they may be omitted or
> replaced as decided by a simple majority vote of a special meeting of the
> Advisory Council.
> S.4.5. The ballot papers shall be kept unopen-ed until the post has
> arrived on the third Thursday of October, where all received ballots shall
> be opened and counted under the supervision of two senior officials
> appointed by the AC who are not candidates, together with the candidates
> and up to two scrutineers each.
> S.4.6. The election shall take place on a first past the post basis.
> S.4.7. In any election year in which no nominations for the post of
> National Chairman of the party are received in accordance with Sub-section
> 2 of this Section, the currently serving holder of the post will be deemed
> to have received a mandate from the party to hold it for a further full
> term. In any election year where a leadership challenge is entered the
> currently serving National Chairman shall be deemed to be nominated
> automatically should he wish to stand again.
> S.4.8. In event of a General Election being called before the ballot
> papers have been posted, the campaign may be suspended at the discretion
> of simple majority vote of the AC, resuming the schedule immediately after
> polling day.
> S.4.9. If an outgoing National Chairman is a paid employee of the party
> and either does not wish to remain as such or is not required as such by
> the new incumbent, he shall receive severance pay in line with the
> statutory requirement, plus one month for each year served up to a total
> of eight years, and one week extra for each year thereafter.
> S.4.10. The successful candidate in any such election will be considered
> as occupying the office of National Chairman immediately on completion of
> the counting of votes in that election.
> Please note that the following proposed alterations are so closely
> connected to the changes proposed for S.4 that it is necessary to take
> them together with it as one composite motion 1.
> S.5.6. The only other power of the Advisory Council shall be that it may
> call a General Members' Meeting by a two-thirds majority of Advisory
> Council members voting in a properly convened meeting with a quorum of
> two-thirds, even if this is opposed by the National Chairman.
> Alternatively the National Chairman may call such a meeting or postal
> ballot at any time he deems it necessary. Should such a meeting or ballot
> be called, it must be held within 40 days, and the matter which led to it
> being called shall be put to the members to decide. If a two-thirds
> majority of those voting should vote against the National Chairman then he
> is bound to accept that decision or to resign from the leadership,
> triggering a leadership election in which he may stand if he so wishes.
> S.5.7. The National Chairman may also be held to account by a motion
> proposed and supported in writing by twenty Voting Members and submitted
> to the party's registered headquarters address not later than 14 days
> before the date of the Annual Conference. This motion shall then be
> debated and voted upon by all Voting Members at the conference and, if
> passed by a minimum two-thirds majority, a leadership election shall be
> triggered, using the procedures and time-scale laid out in this
> Constitution, but with the schedule starting from 14 days after the date
> of the Annual Conference. The previous National Chairman may stand in this
> election is he so wishes.
> S.5.10. A member of the Advisory Council shall not be removed from the
> Advisory Council on the day of an Advisory Council meeting.
> General Members' Meetings & Ballots
> S.13.2. In the event of the National Chairman or the Advisory Council
> calling a General Members' Meeting, at least 14 days' notice must be given
> to all members by post with notification of the proposed motions. All
> members of the party shall have the right to attend and vote, subject to
> the provisions of Section 2, Sub-section 6 of this Constitution.
> S.13.3. remove "not later than 28 days before the scheduled date of the
> meeting" and replace "National Chairman" with "Chairman of the meeting."
> Motion 3
> Postal ballot option

> S.13.5. General Members' Meetings may only be called by the National
> Chairman or by the Advisory Council in accordance with Section 5 of this
> Constitution. All matters which may be decided by a General Members'
> Meeting may also be put to the membership by postal ballot. The motions
> for such a postal ballot are to be decided by a two thirds majority of the
> Advisory Council or by the National Chairman and are to be sent out in the
> first available British Nationalist together with a ballot paper for each
> paid up member, who should have a minimum of 14 days in which to return
> the ballot paper. The opening and counting of the ballots is to be
> witnessed by the proposers and a minimum of two national officers, with
> all members of the Advisory Council entitled to attend should they so
> wish.
> Motion 4
Determination of Core Policies by Voting Members
(Note: This is part of a rolling programme intended to transfer additional
key powers to the Voting Membership, and further changes in that regard
are expected in the future as the institution itself develops)

Remove Section 3.1.d.

S.13.4. Add Section 14 to list of protected Sections in S.13.4. and remove
reference to ghost ss.6.

S.14.2. Change method of notification of any changes to the Constitution
to "or publication on the party's official website."

Add S.14.3. No proposals to change any part of Section 1 of this
Constitution, or to change or adopt any major policy, are to be proposed
to either a General Members' Meeting or in a postal ballot until
previously passed by the Annual Conference of Voting Members