Sunday, 1 May 2016

Islamic Extremists Thriving In Leicestershire

We send our thanks to the concerned Leicestershire citizen who has sent the following information:

 Faiz Siddiqi of Hijaz College in Hinckley enjoyed and continues to enjoy close links with the Tottenham Ayatollah
‘Hijaz’ is the name used by many to refer to ‘Hijaz College’ which now also purports to be an ‘Islamic University,’ see under the name ‘Hijaz Islamic University’  

Faiz Siddiqi aka Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi heads Hijaz and its various associated organizations. He is a hardliner and an extremist who led who led an anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration after 11 of the magazine’s staff were murdered by terrorists, see He runs the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal which is a Sharia Court system and the only Sharia Court system which is recognized under English law. It was established under the 1996 Arbitration Act on a statutory basis and as a result its decisions can be upheld by English courts, see   Concerns have been expressed by the Home Secretary Theresa May and she already indicated she wishes to launch an independent review into sharia courts and councils amid concerns that a “parallel” justice system is developing in Britain.   
In 1996, documentary maker, Jon Ronson, spent a year profiling cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed. Omar Bakri is a Syrian Salafi Islamist 'militant' hate preacher and self styled leader. He was instrumental in developing Hizb ut-Tahrir in the United Kingdom before leaving the group and heading another Islamist organisation, Al-Muhajiroun, until its disbandment in 2004. 
On 6 August 2005 Bakri left the United Kingdom following stories that the UK Government were planning to investigate certain Muslim clerics under little-used treason laws. He was banned from returning by British Home Secretary Charles Clarke stating that Bakri's presence in Britain was "not conducive to the public good." He subsequently took up residence in Lebanon. 
The documentary was aired on 8 April 1997 and was 1 hour long. It is not on Youtube or any of the other mainstream sites and it appears to have gone under the radar for many years, especially in relation to the links between Omar Bakri and friends with Faiz Siddiqi because even Jon Ronson himself hadn’t made the link!  
The clip of interest is here Omar Bakri with Faiz Siddiqi at Hijaz College, Coventry

The clip starts with the presenter from the ‘Jewish London’ Radio station explaining that Omar Bakri is organising a rally in London at which Osama Bin Laden is due to speak, the founding member of Hamas had sent a written message of support from his prison cell in Israel and Omar Abdul Rahman, the ‘blind sheikh’ who was convicted of planning the bombing of the World Trade Centre had sent a videoed message.   Jon Ronson goes on to explain that ‘in the days leading up to the rally in London a secret meeting / ‘weekend social get together’ was arranged in a country house in Birmingham with ‘all of Britain’s Islamic fundamentalist leaders.’ Jon Ronson goes on to describe how ‘the country’s most important and ‘media shy’ Islamic fundamentalist leaders are present for the meeting, including representatives from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Algerian Liberation Party’. Jon Ronson explains nobody was meant to know the meeting was taking place at all.  What Jon Ronson was unaware of, and is probably still unaware of is, that it wasn’t  ‘a country house in Birmingham,’ it was in fact a country house in Nuneaton, a sleepy village in Warwickshire some 20 miles or so outside of Birmingham called Hijaz College also known as Higham Grange on Watling Street and the meeting was organized and hosted by Faiz Siddiqi!  The shorter 6 min clip from 1.53 onwards shows Hijaz, although it is dark. From 3.26 onwards the cameramen are at the door to Hijaz and the foyer is clearly visible. At 4.38 onwards, Hijaz can be clearly seen and can be compared to the pictures on the Hijaz
College website and can be compared to the pictures here and more recently, just a few weeks ago, here Alternatively, locals from Hinckley / Nuneaton, details of whom can be provided, will confirm the video shows Hijaz College. [  shows the history of the Hall. Higham-on-the-Hill is actually in Leicestershire, the postal address is Nuneaton, Warwickshire. - Ed] 

Towards the end of the video, a young Faiz Siddiqi can be seen fooling around with a wooden slingshot whilst Omar Bakri is fishing. They make fun of Omar Bakri as to how he will fight Jihad if he can't even keep hold of a fish.  The weekend get together didn’t just consist of a meeting on the Friday night however – I know by those present that it was in fact a weekend of meetings and ‘military training camp’ as Hijaz is hidden away. On the Hijaz website, its location is described as “set in the heart of the English countryside within 62 acres.  The site is pleasantly secluded, and is located on the A5.  Hijaz ideally situated centrally, facilitating easy access from all parts of the country.  The nearest major cities are Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry.” See
Such meetings of extremists and fanatics have taken place regularly since 1996, except they have been secret meetings and within the knowledge of only a select few. I have been told of at least 5 other meetings in the last 5 years.  It has been relayed to me by persons close to Faiz Siddiqi that the annual gathering called the Blessed Summit in July at Hijaz is in fact a cover for a meeting of fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists who attend hidden amongst the guests as it would be difficult for the intelligence services to keep watch over such people in the middle of the countryside, see

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Grooming gangs in Leicester reported

At last the activities of grooming gangs exploiting children in Leicester has been acknowledged and reported on.

The Leicester Mercury published the report, outlining the activities of these verminous creatures.

Once again it involves vulnerable, troubled youngsters. Once again the majority of victims are white girls, though some are boys and different ethnicities. And once again it has been known about for a very long time, but swept under the carpet in order to preserve the false ideology that different cultures will happily live together in harmony. Some can, some can't; it is to hoped that Leicestershire Police have the guts needed to go against the liberal agenda and rid our city of these polluting individuals once and for all.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

BNP struck off electoral register?

Statement from BNP Chairman, Adam Walker:

A clerical error of misplaced £25 registration fee has catapulted the BNP into the headlines.

Far from being a matter for concern, the media interest in this easily corrected, technical oversight proves how relevant and newsworthy the BNP is.

As members and supporters will be aware from the huge media frenzy surrounding the BNP today, the Electoral Commission has technically and temporarily de-registered the party.

To put this into context, every political party must pay a £25 registration fee to the Electoral Commission of England annually to remain on the electoral register.

Owing to an unforeseen error, this routine registration fee has, at this point, not been processed for 2016.

This minor technical issue is being put right as we speak.

We can assure all members, supporters and voters that the BNP will be re-registered within a matter of days ready for our big push for the May elections.

In a communication this afternoon, the Electoral Commission has set out in writing the fact that the BNP is protected by law, and the simple re-registration currently underway cannot be sabotaged by hostiles.

Re-registration is in progress – it’s a simple process which only the BNP national officials who are currently in communication with the Electoral Commission are allowed to make:

“Under Section 33 (4) of PPERA, the British National Party’s identity markers, name, descriptions and emblems are protected until the 31st December 2017.

“This means that the Electoral Commission will not consider applications from other parties to register the same or similar name, description, and emblems during that period except applications by the British National Party in its current format.”

All members, supporters and voters can rest assured that it is business as usual for the BNP.

Now we’re looking forward to the Greater London Assembly, Welsh Assembly, and Local Elections throughout the country this coming May.

Kind regards,

Adam Walker
BNP Chairman

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Minutes of the Leicestershire BNP Meeting held in west Leicestershire, 5th September 2015

The meeting opened at 14:35 by Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens on Saturday 5th Sept. 2015.

 Minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary and agreed as accurate.

Matters arising largely dealt with the funeral details concerning the recent death, and funeral, of Bob Walton who passed away on 8th August. Bob's legacy, Geoff promised, would be used wisely on behalf of Leics./E.Mids BNP.

The General Election, we were told, cost us about £1500, with quite an amount of leafleting in the Charnwood and Skegness areas. Membership in Leicestershire remains static and we now look forward to recruiting, and re enlisting, new and old members, rather like we did in 2003 and 2004.

We`re financially stable, both locally and nationally.

It was agreed that weekly "Meet the Public" leafleting sessions were to restart beginning on Saturday 12th September.

As a result of a quick check-up, it was agreed by the meeting that all existing officers would remain in their positions for the coming year 2015-2016, this motion was passed, but remains to be ratified at a Regional Meeting.

The Collection and raffle raised £363. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Petition, please sign!

Would you all please sign this petition. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc.


Petition:  Refuse asylum seekers & remove support for so called refugee migrants in the UK

A petition for people who do not support the petition "Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK."


Friday, 21 August 2015

Bob Walton, R,I.P

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Bob Walton on 8th August, 2015

Bob was born on 8th April, 1931 at Freeby, in Leicestershire, and up until quite recently he was one of Leicestershire BNP's most energetic activists, and staunchly loyal to the Party. He had been involved with Nationalism since the early 1970s, always ready for leafleting, and he constructed a special BNP trailer which he brought to protests.

He was a very 'hands-on' man, restoration of classic motor-cycles being one of his talents; a generous man who was always keen to help in any way he could. Bob was renowned for his witty quips and monologues, his sense of humour -  his jokes being a by-word!

Always bouncy and positive, it was a shock therefore to hear that he was in hospital with depression. Not like Bob at all. Later it was found that he had lung cancer. Before he retired, Bob worked as a crane driver for a local firm. This apparently involved him being exposed to asbestos.

We will miss Bob, he was a real character, and a true, patriotic Englishman. We send sympathy and conolences to his family and many friends. Bless you, Bob, and thank you.

Bob's funeral will take place at Gilroes Cemetery on Groby Road, Leicester, LE3 9QG on Friday, 4th September at 10.45am. All who knew Bob are welcome. Please be there by 10.30am.