Friday, 12 June 2015

Anti radicalisation software is being tested in local secondary schools -

The Leicester Mercury rported on 11th June that 2 local secondary schools  are testing anti-radicalism software.
The schools, which have not been named, are piloting a programme which raises alarms if pupils key one of a 1,000 suspect terms.
Extremist phrases which will trigger the system include "jihadi bride" and "YODO", short for you only die once.

This seems odd at first glance as we are told that Leicester is a haven of multiculture and tolerance!

Yet, only back in May, the newspaper reported that a man and woman had been arrested on suspicion of terrorism.
"The Met said the pair were detained on suspicion of making preparations for acts of terrorism under section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 and making funding arrangements for the purpose of terrorism under section 17 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Charnwood Elections Results

Charnwood Borough Council

Con   738

BNP  553 Cathy Duffy

Lab    247

Parliamentary  Con 28,384.   Lab 11,453.  Ukip 8,330.  LD  3,605.  BNP  489 Cathy Duffy

What was clear when  the East Goscote ballot box was opened, was that all but around 100 of the 553 people that had voted for Cathy in the Borough Election had switched to Tory or UKIP in the general.

Although 36% of the Borough vote was insufficient to retain our seat, it was still by far the best showing by the BNP.

Congratulations Cathy/ Maurice and team, our opponents know we will not go away.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Minutes of the Leicestershire & Charnwood Meeting, 28th February 2015

The meeting was opened at 2:30pm and the minutes from the last meeting were read, agreed and signed off.

Branch secretary Mike Robinson is poorly and sent his apologies. Activist Bob Walton is still poorly. We send our best wishes to them both, stalwarts of the party, for a speedy recovery.

Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens stated that we are adopting Borough Councillor, Cathy Duffy as our Parliamentary candidate in the General Election 2015 for the constituency of Charnwood.

 Leafletting to take place in:
12 Wards in Charnwood.
4 Wards in Blaby.
1 Ward in Hinckley & Bosworth.
There will be 4 teams of leafletters: one will be Cathy and Maurice themselves; the other 3 will be out on Wednesdays, Sundays and evenings.

Geoff showed us the "Let's vote them out" and the "Rebecca" leaflets. The latter was agreed to be the best one to start with.

The Charnwood electorate is 70,000, and cost of leaflets was discussed on this basis. We will pay 'as a team', the money is there and will be spent wisely. Areas and amounts of leaflets were decided. 

Today, the Pegida rally in Newcastle was held. A report from there about 2pm gave 600 patriots attending, (though that figure will have swelled during the afternoon). The counter demonstration pro-Islamification was incited by a local Islamic councillor and George Galloway.
Adam Walker has made good contacts at the rally and has been asked to speak in London.
We are proud that East Midlands members attended and thank them.

Revd. Robert West is standing in Boston and Skegness. We will all be supporting him. His hearing is in April, in Coventry. A banner has been made for a protest which will be at short notice, and those in the audience expressed their intention to attend.

The next meeting to be announced.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Muslims Demand Great Grandad Be Exhumed And Moved..

Burbage, in Leicestershire, should, you would  think, be a pleasant village where it's inhabitants can live in amity, and lie in peace within it's cemetary when they die.
Sadly, the easily offended ones have arrived there and are already throwing their religious demands at the Parish Council. Although it is made clear that the cemetary is multi-faith, once again we see those of the muslim faith objecting to share with others. Even in death!

This article in the Daily Mail tells the shocking story:-

In these troubled times, with ISIS atrocities at the forefront of our minds, and radicalised muslims returning to this country after doing God knows what horrible things in Syria and Iraq, the world is calling for muslims of a moderate bent to show their gentle side. They insist that those horrors are nothing to do with Islam. That they acknowledge Jesus as their prophet and respect Christians as 'people of the Book'.

Romany gypsies are Christians, and they take their religion seriously. Mr. Shadrack Smith was one of these; a well-beloved and well respected member of his family and his community over many years in Burbage. Thus, any muslim worth his/her religion would be only too pleased to share that cemetary ground with such a man. That would show tolerance and a wish to integrate with our English folk, a desire to share, and a desire not to upset another family in their grief.
The Parish Council must not exhume this poor man, in my opinion. I am led to believe also, that the family must agree to the exhumation, except where a crime has to be investigated. If this man is removed from his last resting-place to appease the whims of a selfish, intolerant group, then that would be a crime in the eyes of any decent-thinking person.

Let's see some honest, British common sense here, and leave Mr. Smith to rest in peace please.

Update:  Thank goodness, common sense prevails -

I should think so too! Mr. Smith and his grieving family should never have had to face this awful situation in the first place.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Minutes of the Leicestershire meeting, Saturday 13th December, 2014

The meeting opened at 2,30pm.
Secretary, Mike Robinson, and  Bob Walton did not attend, both being poorly. Our good wishes go to them.

Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens was the first speaker. He told us that UKIP is being talked up while we are talked down, with the intention of channelling younger activists away from us. But they are disorganised and do not campaign intelligently at elections. But they are encouraging voters to swerve towards our side.

All Leicestershire Groups will be working together in election campaigns.

Geoff showed us the new leaflets. There will be teams working throughout the chosen Parliamentary seat. Christmas cards are being sent out by Cathy and Maurice in her Council seat.

He told us that the Party Conference was the best he has attended for 7/8 years. East Mids.' motion, to ban facial coverings in public, with exceptions for Health and Safety, was passed. The UAF did not appear, hence no trouble.

We welcomed our Guest Speaker, Simon Darby.

 He began by saying that, when Party Treasurer, he never had to worry about Leicestershire's finances.

As an ethno-Nationalist, Simon is baffled as to how white people can be brought to hate themselves [assent from the floor]? How can Liberals in London abase themselves over a black man, a petty criminal, in the USA, yet totally ignore crime against their own white British?

Simon reminded us how much grief members of the BNP have suffered, simply for telling the truth [the latest being Revd. West]. How would our valiant heroes of WW2 have regarded this?

We are called "Little Englanders" if we object to the EU, yet they are co-opting our message now, but this does mean that we are 'allowed' to discuss immigration. And this sees people drifting back to us. The country is dividing on racial grounds and the press are encouraging hostility towards muslims. Simon made it plain that we do not condone torture, "It is not the Western way".

He ended by enjoining us to keep the organisation going, keep it structured. "Do not feel despondent, and that to all Nationalists, in or out of the Party."

A collection was taken and a raffle held.

The next meeting will be held in the Charnwood area.

Wishing all members and supporters a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year, from Leicestershire BNP.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Muslim Ghetto in Leicester

 I was sent this account by a Leicester resident who knows only too well what has happened to our City. Read it and weep.


Muslim Ghetto in Leicester

My real life account of life in a muslim ghetto in Leicester, UK.

(Read this to the end because you'll find a ray of hope there and, my goodness, do we all need one of those!)

Imagine if you were a nineteen year old female student and had moved to an area in Leicester, which was almost exclusively inhabited by muslims who had not integrated into Westernised society. Imagine being unable to leave the house unless either chaperoned by a male housemate or if wearing a long hooded coat with your hood pulled close around your face. Imagine despite covering yourself up as much as you could, you still got spat at, had to listen to torrents of abusive, aggressive and intimidating comments while walking past an Islamic video rental shop full to the brim with hostile looking men, had to endure dirty looks from men/women/children to the point of doors being closed as you walked along, had men shout vile sexual remarks across the road at you, had men stalk you/cross the road to get to you/change direction to finally shadow you by a foot and ask you how much you charged, had to endure men breathing deeply into the back of your neck every time you left the house alone at night, had to fear for your life every time you left the house alone, had eggs/pooh/wee/washing up liquid pushed through the letterbox or thrown at the walls and windows...and had bangs on the doors and windows at night. Imagine if this was a daily and nightly occurance that you endured for a year, your first ever year of independence out in the big wide world.

You would maybe think it was a bit off considering England is supposed to be a free and welcoming kind of place. Would such an experience not stay with you for life and make you think differently to people who had never experienced anything like it? Would you feel compelled to let people know about it despite knowing that most people will hate you for telling them? Would you find it frustrating not being able to warn everyone in an effective way that more and more young women are going to experience the same thing as time goes on? When you find out the mentality that caused your treatment was growing rapidly as the mentality you had grown up in was shrinking, would you have visions of the future being more like the awful experience and less like the one you knew and loved?

What if you discovered there were other people (black, white, men, women, children, old, young) who had suffered the same treatment but whose voice was not heard by the majority due to the majority only ever getting their information from censored MSM outlets? Would you not see the rare media outlets that do publicise the strife of non-muslims in muslim ghettos as your breath of fresh air, your lifelines to honest reporting, your fellow champions of freedom and liberty? Unfortunately, 'normal' people who have never suffered life in a muslim ghetto would discount such websites or organisations as racist and brand you an extremist for even looking at them. Well, it is true....the truth is often extreme and deeply unpleasant.

What would you do if you were me? Do nothing? Just get on with your life as though nothing happened? Not care less about other women or future generations? Submit to the political correctness tyranny that thwarts our basic human right to scream out loud, 'Stop this!!!!'. Or spend twenty years trying your best to pass on your account in the hope it trickles through and makes a difference? Would you also wrack your brain trying to find a solution to the seperatism that is at the core of the problem, a solution that offered a win-win solution? If you did actually hit the nail on the head, would you not then focus on letting everyone know about it?

We do have a big problem, it is growing, many of you will not be properly aware of it (due to not living in a muslim ghetto and due to the MSM hiding the facts and due to women like me being scared of speaking out or shouted down and shunned if they do) and there will be no peaceful solution if things carry on as they have been going.

There is much more on the following blog. Do read it.